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Alias (08/10/16):
Sir you know hot to treat those boys! You give the most sensual blow jobs I've ever watched on porn and I think that's quite a bit . Good work!


<p>Having done some modeling and acting, Gale is comfortable in front of the camera. Today is his first nude gig and he definitely looks ten years younger than his age, but this personable guy sends a shining light right through the camera lens. His short cropped hair and green eyes are the perfect frame for his handsome face. He's got a jerk-off style all his own and with a cock this big, he has spent some time perfecting it. Using his favorite coco butter, Gale strokes his dick to the mesmerizing scenes of straight porn that Brendon provides. When the guy cums, he cums big!</p>
Release Date: 02/22/17 Hard To Swallow: Gale Featuring: Brendon Marley, Gale
<p>''I love makin' love'', comes straight out of the mouth of this sweet, sweet guy. Ken has what every woman wants; looks, heart, and soul. His reddish hair and tender nature combine to turn us on and say ahhhh at the same time. But he's here for porn, and Brendon can't wait to get him naked. That rusty colored hair covers his chest and dusts his melon cheeks too. His body is naturally toned and beautifully proportioned. This rugged guy doesn't shave his pubes, and that's a plus after all the city slickers we come across. Relax, and watch as Ken tugs one out, applying a finger to his ass as well. He lays a nice load of sperm jelly up onto his belly.</p>
Release Date: 02/15/17 Hard To Swallow: Ken Featuring: Brendon Marley, Ken
<p>It's hard to keep a good man down. It takes an even better man to get a cock this size down, but Ian is back and Brendon dominates. Somehow, he still thinks his silence will protect his identity. OK, whatever Dude. Meanwhile, a flask of whiskey helps him buck up his courage. We just love that hairy chest and monster tool. Brendon hits his personal jackpot with this blonde stud. Triple Sevens!! Given permission to make up the rules, Brendon does some serious idol worship. And just like a toddler, everything goes in his mouth. Plus, a finger finds its way up Ian's sweet ass. One man's kink is another man's pleasure. Enjoy.</p>
Release Date: 02/08/17 Hard To Swallow: Ian Part Deux Featuring: Brendon Marley, Ian
<p>Some guys cower under the glare of the lights and the eye of the camera. Not Chuck! This self-professed nudist loves nothing more than taking it off and getting it on. Porn is a natural next step for him. His smile alone almost negates the need for our studio lights, but we want to be sure no shadow is cast on this beefy hunk. His un-cut dick stirs as he watches the straight porn, but Brendon's hand on the stick really lights him up. Watch as the maestro applies a little lube and a little friction and causes some real heat!</p>
Release Date: 02/01/17 Hard To Swallow: Chuck Featuring: Chuck, Brendon Marley
<p>This week's episode is Hard To Swallow in more ways than one. Ian was a fan favorite a couple of years ago when he appeared in Crotch Watch. The blonde, Nordic beauty stared into the camera with his steely blue eyes while he stroked his Viking sized cock. But, no touching. Today he has agreed to some 'male bonding' but he thinks he's on the down low. And it's true; nobody would recognize the guy in sunglasses and a bad Sonny Bono wig. Oh yeah... he's giving us the silent treatment too. This guy is cagey. But he didn't figure that we would reveal his identity from an earlier session. Brendon knows exactly who he's blowin' today; a big, fat boner on a seriously handsome guy. And you know too, cause we've added some pix from his earlier appearance at the beginning of this scene. With a blowjob this good, he may just be back...</p>
Release Date: 01/25/17 Hard To Swallow: Ian Featuring: Brendon Marley, Ian
<p>Oh, they do grow up! And we're glad they do. When we first met Cam he was a callow 22-year old in our 'Cocks and Robbers' series. Check that scene out when you have a minute, but look how he's grown. Now a handsome 25 year old, Cam comes back with half the innocence and twice the experience. It's sort of like re-connecting with a teacher at the class reunion. Cam has definitely learned that his ass is a wonderland. As soon as he's naked, his legs go up and he wants some ass play. Brendon obliges, licking that sweet, dark spot. But Cam has some surprises in store. It might be Hard To Swallow, but it goes down easy...</p>
Release Date: 01/18/17 Hard To Swallow: Cam Featuring: Brendon Marley, Cam
<p>Elias has beautiful latte skin and deep brown eyes. At 22 years old, he was up for an adventure, so he did what most guys do... head West. The coasts have always been the magnets for young people who feel hemmed in in the middle of the country. Whether it's the proximity of the open sea or the tang in the air, something about California lures these guys to our shore. Brendon reels 'em in with his warm, inviting studio and a whiff of nasty. With straight porn to watch on the TV, this hot-blooded hottie gets down to basics in no time. A gorgeous ass, hairy legs and a fat cock bring out the beast in the best of us. Brendon rolls out the welcome mat, and Elias cums all over it.</p>
Release Date: 01/11/17 Hard To Swallow: Elias Featuring: Elias, Brendon Marley
<p>Harry is a bit of a firecracker. His bright blue/green eyes and red hair just accentuate it. This 31 year-old single guy is out to please the ladies and we have no doubt that he does. A ready smile and upbeat personality will always attract people. He's also as straight as the fuse on that firecracker, so Brendon applies some lube to Harry's stiffening cock and gets out of the way. Left to watch the pussy porn by himself, Harry strokes his dick, putting just the right amount of pressure just where he likes it. When Brendon makes another move to jack him off, Harry can't hold back. Bang! The touch of another person puts this stud right over the edge. That smile comes right back to his handsome face and Harry is off to charm the next one.</p>
Release Date: 01/04/17 The Devil Made Me Shoot It: Harry Featuring: Harry, Brendon Marley
<p>As we prepare to usher in a New Year, let's take a look back at where we've been. 2016 was a banner year for Brendon, introducing us to fresh faces and young, rippling bodies, while also reaching back to welcome some familiar favorites. So it feels right to close out this wonderful year with an old friend.&nbsp; Like the famous clock in London that stands taller than the rest, our Big Ben is stalwart and strong, optimistic and unflappable. Life has handed him some challenges, but he takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Newly single and digging it, Ben finds himself an object of desire once again. Brendon has never forgotten that pillar of strength that hangs between Ben's legs. Long, thick and throbbing with intensity, Ben's swollen cock is catnip to any guy who has a penchant for sucking dick. Today, Brendon is that guy. Ben has always been game for a little 'arm wrestling', where one guy faces off against another in a show of strength. These two are evenly matched (huge cock vs. years of experience) and in our studio, both come out winners. So, enjoy today, stay tuned for what's to come, and thanks for a great year!</p>
Release Date: 12/28/16 The Devil Made Me Shoot It: Ben Featuring: Brendon Marley, Ben
<p>The scene with Ted starts off a bit stiff. He's nervous, unsure of his surroundings and suspicious of the older man behind the camera; all totally valid concerns (especially that last one). But as Brendon talks with him, he visibly loosens up. His smile comes a little easier and he is soon stripping off his clothes. This 24 year-old guy has bright blue eyes that don't miss a thing. He's an outdoor guy for sure, snowboarding and dirt biking whenever possible. But today he's in the studio and he's all ours. The stiffness in his manner has moved south to fuel his rock hard dick. His eyes never leave the TV he's watching where chicks are getting plowed, while Brendon lubes and strokes his beautiful straight cock to orgasm. Next time, Ted, you might not get off so easy!</p>
Release Date: 12/14/16 The Devil Made Me Shoot It: Ted Featuring: Ted, Brendon Marley
<p>We can't find fault with Geri. From his massive physique to his man-sized cock, from his handsome face to his sweet hairy ass, this guy is dope. No faults. His size even intimidates Brendon, who won't lay finger one on this 25 year-old. Brendon hands him the lube and let's Geri do what comes naturally. He strokes his fat dick like he would if he were home alone. The triggers that arouse him remain his secret, but the camera captures his beautiful body in motion. Stroking his dick, stimulating the head and coaxing the warm, white fluid from deep within his balls, he lays a ropey load onto his belly. Job well done.</p>
Release Date: 11/30/16 The Devil Made Me Shoot It: Geri Featuring: Brendon Marley, Geri
<p>Kai has smooth, coco colored skin that serves as the canvas for an incredible work of tattoo art on his back. This single guy surfs the Pacific waves when he's not charming the ladies. When Brendon pulls Kai's balls out of his boxers, they lay heavy on the bed, two large orbs of tasty brew. They serve as an anchor to his rock hard dick, a fistful of nut that Brendon can grab onto while he sucks the living daylights out of that fuck stick. And suck he does, swallowing Kai's cock to the very root till this dude shoots one of the biggest loads we've seen, crashing like a wave on his shoulder.</p>
Release Date: 11/16/16 The Devil Made Me Shoot It: Kai Featuring: Kai, Brendon Marley
<p>One of Brendon's favorite things about being in business for 20 years is that many of the guys he films never lose his phone number. They move on, they mature, they finish school and they call again when they're short of cash. That's when we see them again. Calvin appeared in our Cocks and Robbers series three years ago, so when he called Brendon recently, it was a nice surprise. His red hair is cut differently and he's grown a beard, but his rock hard dick gives him away. We haven't forgotten that! He's pretty chill, chewing gum and watching porn while Brendon reacquaints himself with that pretty cock. Calvin saved up a nice load to give to Brendon. You can come back anytime dude.</p>
Release Date: 10/26/16 The Devil Made Me Shoot It: Calvin Featuring: Calvin, Brendon Marley
<p>Wilson is going to steal a little bit of Brendon's heart today. This 25 year old has the lean, smooth body type that gets our attention. His black hair and brown eyes are a stunning contrast to his pearly whites. But it's his sweet nature and large endowment that seal the deal. Brendon is challenged to communicate with Wilson due to a hearing impairment; Wilson is deaf. But his beauty comes through loud and clear. Circumstances dictate that his two boys live elsewhere, but you can tell he is a loving father. And to Brendon, that is just more of a turn-on. Offering himself to the director, Wilson gets his beautiful dick treated to his best blowjob ever. We never turn the camera off, so you are treated to every second of quiet intensity that Wilson brings to this scene. Feast your eyes!</p>
Release Date: 10/19/16 The Devil Made Me Shoot It: Wilson Featuring: Brendon Marley, Wilson
<p>Going against type, Brendon has invited an older guy to the studio today. Appearing somewhat nervous during the early part of the scene, Ray reveals that he is no longer married, has experienced threesomes and is keenly interested in making porn. So what that tells us is... Ray is in for a kinky afternoon. And what Brendon already knows is that Ray has a huge cock. We can see for ourselves that he has kept his body in great shape and he has a nice tight ass. When the action gets heavy, Ray sheds his inhibitions and becomes Brendon's willing toy; spreading his cheeks, stuffing the director's mouth with that fat, throbbing cock, and blowing his wad sky high.</p>
Release Date: 10/12/16 The Devil Made Me Shoot It: Ray Featuring: Brendon Marley, Ray
<p>San Francisco proved too expensive for Hal, the sweet natured, hot and horny guy that has made Brendon's heart rate go up for these past few weeks. He's going back to where he came from with dreams of building his own house. He's had a Hell of a time in San Francisco and meeting Brendon must have made an impression. He's been in the studio several times. Hal's cock made an impression on Brendon too. Thick, sweet and juicy, it stretched his throat every time he went down on it. But today, Hal has a little surprise in store. Proof of what a great guy he really is!</p>
Release Date: 10/05/16 The Devil Made Me Shoot It: Hal Featuring: Brendon Marley, Hal
<p>There's nothing old-school about this ginger haired 19 year old. Tristan recently graduated from high school and he comes out of the gate raring to go. College can come later, career plans?... on hold. Right now he's got a hard-on for the world. His freckles are the frosting on the cake of his adorable face and when Brendon pulls his cock from his shorts... boing! This kid's hard candy. His ass is the stuff of dreams; smooth, firm, tight and with a splash of tight little curls around his hole. He doesn't even know how cute he is. Brendon gets a grip on that dick and before Tristan knows what hit him, he's shooting his load for the director.</p>
Release Date: 09/21/16 The Devil Made Me Shoot It: Tristan Featuring: Tristan, Brendon Marley
<p>If you went to college, chances are there was a fraternity on campus. You may have belonged to it, or maybe just lusted after the guys who lived in it. They were notorious partiers, beer drinkers, and studs. Randy is right out of your fraternity fantasy. Good looking in an all-American way, built tough, like a Ford truck, and looking for a good time. College taught him a lot of things, and today Brendon is going to test his knowledge, if not his parameters. You'll remember Randy from a couple of months ago. Seeking adventure he wandered into the studio, sniffing tail. He jerked off for the camera in what he thought was an audition. Brendon just couldn't line up a date. Damn! Hoping for a different result today, Randy came back. It's a different result alright, but not the one he hoped for. Watching pussy porn makes his dick goes up, and after some nervous chatter, the director goes down! Randy's look tells you he'd rather be somewhere else, with someone else. But the final grade is an A when the dude spills the beans into Brendon's waiting mouth. Collect your diploma, dude!</p>
Release Date: 09/14/16 The Devil Made Me Shoot It: Randy Featuring: Brendon Marley, Randy
<p>We love the come back kid. We can't count the number of straight guys who have returned to Brendon's studio even when they know there won't be a chick to fi-lay. Dylan showed up some time ago in the California Hardwood series, and he's back to chill and leave a load. With green eyes, the hairiest asshole in town, and a nice big dick, he lets Brendon jack him off, but he still won't let another guy suck him. His cock gets super hard while he watches some pussy porn. He might not cum in Brendon's mouth, but he does the next best thing. He turns upside down and aims for his own mouth. Watch as he shoots his wad all over himself and licks up the remains.</p>
Release Date: 08/31/16 The Devil Made Me Shoot It: Dylan Featuring: Brendon Marley, Dylan
<p>Tommy is 'cock' cocky. We're coining that phrase just for him. He was shy in school till he realized he's got all the other boys beat in the meat department. That boosted his confidence and it's been life in the fast lane ever since. When the girls found out his secret, they flocked to him. At 20 years old, how many chicks could he have fucked? It don't matter, he's here today and no chicks in sight. Brendon is determined to get that fat fuckin dick down his throat. Tommy's a tough judge though. ''half way'', he keeps saying as Brendon turns upside down to accomplish the feat. But a tongue up his ass gets instant respect.</p>
Release Date: 08/24/16 Nut Jobs: Tommy Is Back Featuring: Tommy, Brendon Marley
<p>We know a good thing when we've got him and Hal is a good thing. It's not unusual for Brendon to invite a real looker back to the studio one, two or three times. It's super easy to see why the guys would be willing to come back too; easy money, chill vibe and awesome blowjobs. That's a combination that works every time. Hal may just be the sweetest straight guy to walk through the door. When the action ramps up, he lays a hand on Brendon's back in a sensitive gesture that says it all. But Brendon is going to push the envelope today, and wait till you see the results.</p>
Release Date: 08/17/16 Nut Jobs: Hal Returns Featuring: Brendon Marley, Hal
<p>Many things have changed in the five years since Gavin last appeared in our videos. But could he have aged 10 years? If you do a bit of detective work, you'll find that in his earlier appearance, Gavin claimed to be 21 years old. Today he says he was here five years ago and is now 31 years old. Hmmm? A world traveler, this ginger haired hottie has an electric smile that lights up his blue eyes. What hasn't changed is his enormous cock. It still responds to Brendon's mouth and just maybe is a little bigger than we remember. That giant vein running down the top of his shaft feeds the beast. Gavin is now more daring too; sucking dick for the first time ever. Like everything in life, experience is key. Gavin is hungry for experience.</p>
Release Date: 08/10/16 Nut Jobs: Gavin Featuring: Brendon Marley, Gavin
<p>Seems like poor Andrew gets the shaft in this scene from an afternoon of shenanigans in Brendon's studio. But the 'shaft' in question belongs to Tommy, the 20 year old defender of the faith. Tommy brandishes his huge dick like a knight would his trusty sword, so when Andrew climbs aboard he isn't exactly a damsel in distress. He has already taken the measure of the man orally and 'sword swallower' is now on his resume'. Tommy's hammer finds a home in Andrew's warm, dark butthole. Pushing up into that velvety fuck-heaven marks Tommy's initiation into the tribe of men who fuck men. He even likes it! Looks like Andrew won the battle after all.</p>
Release Date: 08/03/16 Nut Jobs: Tommy & Andrew Featuring: Tommy, Andrew, Brendon Marley
<p>It'll be hard not to chuckle during the 'interview' portion of this scene because Ames, the 23 year-old, fresh-faced, newly single, impossibly cute dude on the couch, is a bit of a natural comedian. We don't think he means to be; he's just refreshing. And paired with the sweet and sexy Hal, this scene will likely be the highlight of your day. We guarantee it! Hal has the magnetic attraction that a 30 year-old man with self-assurance always exudes. Being handsome never hurts. As Brendon stirs the pot you'll want to be in Ames' shoes (he's not wearing any) as he sucks the older guy's dick, tongues his hole and swallows his load. Ain't nothin wrong with that!</p>
Release Date: 07/27/16 Nut Jobs: Hal & Ames Featuring: Ames, Brendon Marley, Hal
<p>Brendon's years of experience, human insight and unquenchable libido culminate in this scene. Cultivating his friendship with Wyatt, the bashful former Navy man, has created a trust that brings the big stud back to the studio year after year. Now raising a daughter, Wyatt needs the financial help that a studio gig can offer. On the other side of the couch is the 6 foot 4 inch, 20 year old with 9.5 inches of youthful vigor... Tommy. He's more loquacious in his fourth studio visit and the presence of another straight guy seems to relax him. This pairing is like mixing the finest grapes in the world to create a wine of unsurpassed quality. Drink it slowly and enjoy every sip.</p>
Release Date: 07/20/16 Nut Jobs: Wyatt & Tommy Featuring: Tommy, Brendon Marley, Wyatt
<p>Hal is a rare find. Someone of mature years, (he's 30) uncommon generosity and stunning good looks. Newly arrived from South Carolina, this single guy came west with a quest for adventure. Having grown up in a rural part of his state, he chose a city unlike anything he's used to. And today he finds himself in a most uncommon situation. But his down to earth good sense allows him to make the most of what he's given. Brendon follows his typical script, putting the guy at ease and stimulating his sexual side with a straight porn video on the TV. While Hal watches something familiar, Brendon does something very UN-familiar. He blows the bejesus out of this Southern gentleman. Hal keeps a poker face throughout, enjoying every slippery slurp until he stands up to deliver a little bit of Dixie down Brendon's willing throat.</p>
Release Date: 07/13/16 Nut Jobs: Hal Featuring: Brendon Marley, Hal
<p>Andrew's smile lights up the night. This sexy 22 year old with blue-green eyes and short blonde hair fills out his blue striped cotton briefs with impressive style. Guys with big dicks have built in self-confidence that's coded in their DNA. Somehow they know that the world will be a little more open to them, people more attracted to them, opportunities more abundant. It's not hubris, it just is. So when Brendon sees Andrew's huge downward dog dick, he can put another notch in the bedpost. It doesn't go down easy, but it does go down. Andrew's particular kink is ass play. Watch him put one, then two, then three fingers into his sweet hole, prying it open for all to see.</p>
Release Date: 07/06/16 Nut Jobs: Andrew Featuring: Andrew, Brendon Marley
<p>They say the third time's a charm. We think Tommy could extend that saying to infinity. Though his personality is low-key and he loves to work on cars, (he is straight don't ya know) there is a definite thrumming under the hood that wakes the sleeping giant. His return is evidence of the fact that when a straight guy finds someone,... anyone, capable of performing a disappearing act on his enormous dick, he will come back for more. Plus, he loves to hear Brendon sputtering his accolades of cock worship. But be assured that this scene will up the ante. Right 'up the auntie', by the looks of it. Brendon takes the rear-end assault on your behalf, allowing us all to put ourselves in the driver's seat. Now that's whiplash!</p>
Release Date: 06/29/16 Nut Jobs: Tommy Rides Again Featuring: Tommy, Brendon Marley
<p>Boyish looking at 30, Randy has the Virginia charm and shy appeal that Brendon goes for. His light brown hair dusts his chest and belly, making a nice target for him to aim his dick at. Brendon asks him to talk nasty and Randy takes the bait. Stroking his rock hard cock and losing himself in the porn video, Randy imagines he's starring in Brendon's next production. And he is! No matter how you slice it, this is some tasty Virginia ham!</p>
Release Date: 06/22/16 Nut Jobs: Randy Featuring: Brendon Marley, Randy
<p>Turn down the lights and get comfortable, cause Luke's smile illuminates this whole scene. Married and sneaking out on the wife, blue-eyed Luke wants to tick one off his bucket list. His beefy arms and bubble butt are the icing on this blond's cake... and Brendon wants a piece. Taking his time to make Luke feel at home, Brendon unleashes his charm and chooses his moment to blow out the candle in this sexy scene. Now Luke can go home with that tail between his legs!</p>
Release Date: 06/15/16 Nut Jobs: Luke Featuring: Brendon Marley, Luke
<p>This scene really needs no explanation. Words are trivial when the meat is this substantial. Tommy got the rep for BMOC when a bunch of friends went skinny dipping in high school. After that, every girl in school wanted what Tommy has. You saw him just a few weeks ago going solo. Now, Brendon deep throats that massive prick for the first time ever! It takes several attempts to find the right angle, but when he does, Brendon likens it to a delicious form of torture; sore throat, can't breathe, watery eyes... sounds like love.</p>
Release Date: 06/01/16 Nut Jobs: Tommy Returns Featuring: Tommy, Brendon Marley
<p>''fuckin a, dude'' or whatever blue-collar straight guys in their early 30s would say when confronted by the prospect of getting head from another guy. Al is as normal as his flannel shirt, but way times more sexy. A square jaw, blue eyes and a beefy physique add up to a major turn-on for Brendon. Not to mention his thighs... check em out! So when Al agrees to turn the tables and give the director head, that is manna from Heaven. Hey, he does what the boss says and no shit. And since he has to do it, he's gonna do it right. And when Brendon is blowing him, Al uses those thighs to thrust that dick deep, all the way deep. Both guys shoot their loads. Wouldn't have it any other way.</p>
Release Date: 05/25/16 Nut Jobs: Al Featuring: Al, Brendon Marley
<p>At 20 years old there isn't a lot of sexual history to relate, but Donato comes up with a pretty good tale of the time he fucked his friend's Mom when he was 17. That buys some street cred, and definitely gets Brendon's respect. He lost the friend as a result, but... small price to pay. Now this college kid whips out his un-cut dick and stares at the porn video while the director charms the python. Donato definitely does not look comfortable getting head from a guy, but seeing him squirm is half the fun. When he shoots, he lets fly a three foot stream. Bull's eye!</p>
Release Date: 05/18/16 Nut Jobs: Donato Featuring: Brendon Marley, Donato