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Angel ,  Brendon Marley
Scene Title: Seed Money: Angel
Added 11/19/2014

21 minutes 57 seconds of video

Rating: Average Rating: 4.5 Average Rating: 4.5 Average Rating: 4.5 Average Rating: 4.5 Average Rating: 4.5
After years of observation, Brendon can make one unequivocal statement; guys with big cocks have built-in confidence. You see it in their swagger, the set of their jaw and way they hold your gaze. A humongous dick is a thing of beauty in and of itself. Guys who have one want other people to see it, admire it, envy it. So it's no surprise when Angel, a young man with a gift, comes tapping on Brendon's door to seek his fortune. This slim, young Hispanic dude brags of 10 inches. Brendon coaxes him back down to earth when his tape measure says 8'', but oh, what a beautiful 8'' they are. With a slight curve in the shaft, Angel's dick is like a fire hose with the hydrant turned on high. It's long, it's thick and Angel's in heaven when it disappears down Brendon's throat.

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Brendon Marley ,  Matteo
Scene Title: Seed Money: Matteo
Added 11/12/2014

17 minutes 17 seconds of video

Rating: Average Rating: 4 Average Rating: 4 Average Rating: 4 Average Rating: 4 Average Rating: 4
Matteo is going to school, working part time and hooking up with girls when the opportunity presents itself. He's a good kid (he's 22) following the American dream. So what's he doing in a porn studio? Brendon has always been fascinated by the guys who want to star in his films. Is it the money (not much), the pussy (not here) or the chance to break out of the pack and be the stud that makes women squirm? I guess we'll never really know because Brendon isn't interested in analyzing them. He wants to blow 'em and get into their personal space. Become the object of their desire, if only for a moment. Matteo puts himself in Brendon's capable hands and showers him in one of the more explosive cum shots of the year!

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Brendon Marley ,  Geo ,  Gregor
Scene Title: Seed Money: Gregor & Geo
Added 11/05/2014

23 minutes 40 seconds of video

Rating: Average Rating: 3.5 Average Rating: 3.5 Average Rating: 3.5 Average Rating: 3.5 Average Rating: 3.5
For months Geo has been the model fiance; driving his girl to the mall, taking her out to dinner and working his ass off to pay for the wedding. And Brendon's calls have gone unanswered. No gay for pay. Gotta tow the line. Girlfriend watches him like a hawk... well, he finally cracked. Geo snuck out today on a pre-text and Brendon pairs him with the 18 year old newbie, Gregor. Geo bends over like a poppy in a windstorm to allow Gregor's fat, throbbing cock to fuck him silly. Gregor is so turned on that he cums in his ass way too soon. The jizz oozes out of Geo's butt hole, but his ass has not had enough. They go at it like Iowa state wrestlers till both guys go to the mat in a draw. Geo gets the pounding he needs and can go back to domesticity. Gregor will stay on the prowl.

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