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Brendon Marley ,  Dewey ,  Max
Scene Title: Seed Money: Dewey & Max
Added 01/21/2015

23 minutes of video

Rating: Average Rating: 5 Average Rating: 5 Average Rating: 5 Average Rating: 5 Average Rating: 5
True bait and switch is the impetus for this scene of blonde ambition. Brendon has lured two cute, young guys to the studio and Max is very straight. Never fooled around with another guy. Dewey, however, gets his kicks from testosterone tumbles. So it's a complete surprise when Max steps up and swallows his pride, along with Dewey's cock, to deliver his first ever blow job. Turn about is fair play and Dewey willingly trades places to give Max the same treatment. Max's huge balls are a turn on. Dewey's defined abs are eye candy. The whole thing is a testament to today's enlightened and enterprising sexual entrepreneurs. Could this be the 'greatest generation'?

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Brendon Marley ,  Jacob
Scene Title: Seed Money: Jacob
Added 01/14/2015

21 minutes 30 seconds of video

Rating: Average Rating: 4 Average Rating: 4 Average Rating: 4 Average Rating: 4 Average Rating: 4
Chiseled from stone and brought to life simply by wishing it so, Brendon creates a young man of surpassing beauty. Jacob has sculpted features that would make Mount Rushmore blush. Blue eyes of magnificent depth and lips succulent as a ripe peach. Skin the color and texture of alabaster, and guess what? A big cock. Admittedly bi-sexual, (he has a long time girl friend) Jacob isn't letting Brendon get as close as he'd like. But as the porn video works it's magic, Brendon's hand enters the shot and strokes Jacob's gorgeous dick. Eyes wide shut!

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Brendon Marley ,  Chambers ,  Wyatt
Scene Title: Seed Money: Wyatt & Chambers
Added 01/07/2015

20 minutes 41 seconds of video

Rating: Average Rating: 3.5 Average Rating: 3.5 Average Rating: 3.5 Average Rating: 3.5 Average Rating: 3.5
We're beginning to think that Wyatt, our sexy seaman, has taken up permanent residence in Brendon's studio. The bashful stud has returned for more shenanigans and he looks better than ever. Tall and dark with a military demeanor, he couldn't look more different from the gentleman at his side. Chambers is new to the scene and quite an eyeful, but looks like a throw back to the Haight Ashbury of 40 years ago. Long hair pulled back and a scruffy beard belie his chiseled torso and mouth watering legs. What could these two guys possibly have in common? You'll soon find out. They strip down to their skivvies and then some before Wyatt takes the reins and lubes up Chambers' cock. Wyatt's huge dick throbs as he starts to suck off his hippie friend. Chambers shoots first in this crazy match up and then Brendon moves in to finish off Wyatt. Kinda knew he had that in mind from the start.

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