Heavy Loads: Chad
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In the next scene, we see a young kid lounging in the sauna of Brendon's favorite spa. Chad has one of the longest schlongs you've ever seen, and it's still soft!! Chad's a willing neophyte for Brendon's brand of kink. The M.C. immediately lies down in front of the gifted boy to accept his cock into his throat. Chad's ass faces the camera as he dips his cock into Brendon's pussy of a mouth. Brendon purrs like a cat as his throat fills with the girth of the swelling cock.

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This sexy boxer from "Straight From the Spigot" part 3 was ready for a re-match to defend his title. And in round 2 Brendon takes him to the mat and blows his thick, hard cock. Abel lets his head fall back while he enjoys getting pummeled by the PRO. As the match moves to a close, Abel flips head over heels to drink his own cum! What a knockout!!
Release Date: 07/31/09 Gulp: Abel Featuring: Brendon Marley, Abel