Posted on 01/31/24 Check out! Trey & Bennet

If you were a good little boy and went to Sunday school, you may remember the story of David and Goliath. And if you were a bad little boy you tried to imagine how big Goliath's dick must have been. We're going to re-enact that fable for you today as Trey and Bennet take the parts of their biblical heroes. Trey is the scarily handsome and big heart throb of Brendon's recent past; making an earlier appearance in this series. Bennet makes his debut today and assumes the role of David, the giant killer. However, this scene turns the tables and has 'Goliath' pinning down his smaller, weaker counterpart. Literally pinning him to the chair with his thick, engorged penis, like a butterfly to a piece of paper. Bennet's only complaint is heard in his soft moans of painful pleasure that he whimpers while being fucked silly by Trey. Brendon plays the role of supreme being, directing the action and enjoying the hell out of it. We think you will too.