Posted on 12/07/16 Dec 7, 2016 - New Update! Hamilton & Brendon

Hamilton has all the qualities that Brendon looks for: handsome, sensitive, sexy, straight and well... hung! This furniture maker has found California to be his perfect match. Recently single after a 3-year relationship, Hamilton likes the freedom of picking up and moving on. Going for a run with his dog is the perfect way to clear his head after a busy day in his studio. So, what's he doing in a porn video? Searching for that next thing, that elusive experience, expanding his own boundaries. And expand he does! When Brendon applies a little elbow grease to his nuts, Hamilton's cock fattens like a sponge absorbs water. Watching the interaction between Brendon and Hamilton is almost like witnessing a tantric sex therapy session. The cum shot is UNBELIEVABLE!