Posted on 06/21/17 June 21 2017 - New Update! Jacob & Brendon

How can you tell a millennial? By his tattoo. So what's with this sexy, smooth-skinned dude with the mile-wide smile who has nary a splotch of ink? Jacob's sole nod to his generation is his tightly cropped beard and total lack of sexual boundaries. It may have taken 33 years for this lean, muscled bike messenger to find Brendon's studio, but it just takes a few minutes to get him out of his clothes and hard as a rock. If beauty is skin deep, this guy has the skin of Gods. Jacob is newly single, so he finds himself jacking off in every room of his pad, roommates be damned. Brendon moves in on his tasty balls and gives them a tongue bath before taking Jacob's stiff poker all the way down. This scene is a hell of a ride for both guys with a pre-dick-table outcome!