Posted on 06/28/17 June 28 2017 - New Update! Cooper & Brendon

Brendon's obsession with Cooper continues as the redhead returns for Act 3. As the curtain rises, Cooper is all smiles, relating his recent weekend at the nude beach with a former girlfriend who was looking for some sun. Cooper IS the sun. Lying by the lake, he tasted her titties and later took her back to his place and fucked her. Three days later, Brendon has him just as stirred up and 'hard as dick'. With a shaft that just gets thicker towards his low hanging balls, Cooper poses a real dilemma. How is Brendon gonna go all the way down on that mother. It's the attempt that has Cooper rolling his eyes back in his head and feeling the sensations all through his body. He loves to have his cock sucked and Brendon couldn't be more obliging. This duo could be Hollywood's hottest bro-mance, and the critics are going to love it!