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<p>Andrew should have been a fireman cause he has a hose on him that could douse flames. In this scene, he plays the arson by starting a blaze that Brendon quickly fans. This 6 foot three inch stud clearly has the huge cock and massive balls of a man his size. But when Brendon tries to inch that Anaconda down his throat, he finds it almost impossible. Both guys get turned-on by the interaction. Brendon naturally puts his finger on Andrew's smooth, silky hole, which only increases the young guys' pleasure. He starts with two fingers, then three, until Brendon's whole hand is slithering up the hungry ass. The fire spreads until this hot scene goes up in flames. Now that hose really comes in handy!</p>
Release Date: 07/19/17 Hard To Swallow: Andrew Returns Featuring: Andrew, Brendon Marley
<p>He's been mistaken for a baseball pro cause he's tall and lean, but we like the bat he's swinging. It's hard wood for sure, but it goes down easy. When Kelby makes a return engagement to the studio, Brendon is super psyched. This 21 year-old cutie has deep brown eyes and stands 6 foot 3. The fact that he's married with a kid just proves his juice is high octane. So Brendon goes to work to prime that pump, and along the way, puts a little tongue on that cute white ass. Kelby warns Brendon that any friction on his cock head is going to result in some spray. It's a home run in the first inning, and this game is all wrapped up!</p>
Release Date: 07/12/17 Hard To Swallow: Kelby Returns Featuring: Brendon Marley, Kelby
<p>Brendon's obsession with Cooper continues as the redhead returns for Act 3. As the curtain rises, Cooper is all smiles, relating his recent weekend at the nude beach with a former girlfriend who was looking for some sun. Cooper IS the sun. Lying by the lake, he tasted her titties and later took her back to his place and fucked her. Three days later, Brendon has him just as stirred up and 'hard as dick'. With a shaft that just gets thicker towards his low hanging balls, Cooper poses a real dilemma. How is Brendon gonna go all the way down on that mother. It's the attempt that has Cooper rolling his eyes back in his head and feeling the sensations all through his body. He loves to have his cock sucked and Brendon couldn't be more obliging. This duo could be Hollywood's hottest bro-mance, and the critics are going to love it!</p>
Release Date: 06/28/17 Hard To Swallow: Cooper Act 3 Featuring: Brendon Marley, Cooper
<p>How can you tell a millennial? By his tattoo. So what's with this sexy, smooth-skinned dude with the mile-wide smile who has nary a splotch of ink? Jacob's sole nod to his generation is his tightly cropped beard and total lack of sexual boundaries. It may have taken 33 years for this lean, muscled bike messenger to find Brendon's studio, but it just takes a few minutes to get him out of his clothes and hard as a rock. If beauty is skin deep, this guy has the skin of Gods. Jacob is newly single, so he finds himself jacking off in every room of his pad, roommates be damned. Brendon moves in on his tasty balls and gives them a tongue bath before taking Jacob's stiff poker all the way down. This scene is a hell of a ride for both guys with a pre-dick-table outcome!</p>
Release Date: 06/21/17 Hard To Swallow: Jacob Featuring: Brendon Marley, Jacob
<p>The clouds part and Cooper returns for further nasties. His beautiful face lights up when Brendon asks him to lift his shirt. He's already hard and his dick is poking out of the top of his jeans! ''Get 'em off'', Brendon instructs, and the 25 year old obeys. Pushing him beyond his initial visit, Brendon hands him a black butt toy and Cooper inserts it into his sweet, smooth ass. His bubble butt resists the initial probe, but with a gentle approach Cooper gets it firmly planted. Brendon applies some lube to what is obviously a very fat dick, and between the vibrating butt plug and Brendon's practiced stroking, Cooper edges several times toward climax, finally letting go of his restraint. It's a beautiful ending!</p>
Release Date: 06/14/17 Hard To Swallow: Cooper Reunion Featuring: Brendon Marley, Cooper
<p>In a pairing of North and South, Brendon brings Mario and Andrew together and lets nature take its course. These two young bucks have plenty of nature stirring in their loins and Andrew is quick to taste the pleasures of Mario's cock. The handsome and mysterious Mario has a thick Latino dick that is hardened like steel but goes down easy. Andrew's cock may be slightly longer and curves down, so Mario seems eager to return the favor. After some mutual sucking, Mario takes possession of Andrew's soft, silky ass and pummels it with his fuck stick. Andrew's moans and cries bring no pity as Mario continues to shove his hard flesh into the willing hole. All that pumping causes Andrew to spew like a geyser. Stand back!</p>
Release Date: 06/07/17 Hard To Swallow: Andrew & Mario Featuring: Andrew, Brendon Marley, Mario
<p>Light radiates from this guy like rays of the sun. Cooper sweeps through the studio door like fresh spring air and has Brendon in the palm of his hand with ''hello''. He's over 6 feet tall with curly red hair and green eyes that crinkle when he smiles... and he's always smiling. Don't waste a minute reading words about Cooper when you could be watching him stroke his dick, banter with Brendon or just... breathe. A part-time fashion model and recently single, Cooper is Brendon's gift to you this fine Spring day. Take a drink!</p>
Release Date: 05/31/17 Hard To Swallow: Cooper Featuring: Brendon Marley, Cooper
<p>Hamilton has gotten some of our best reviews based on his visit to the studio earlier in this series. What's not to like?; taut belly, laid back attitude and a beautiful dick is always a winning combo. He's the epitome of the sensitive straight guy. Brendon falls for sensitive, straight guys like a skydiver. The scene starts with the two guys sitting next to each other, Brendon massaging Hamilton's crotch. Soon they're both naked, Hamilton reaching over to stroke the other guy's cock. If this were a buddy movie, you'd be munching the popcorn about now. But popcorn is not on the menu. Hard cock is, and Hamilton shoots a massive load into Brendon's mouth.</p>
Release Date: 05/24/17 Hard To Swallow: Hamilton Returns Featuring: Brendon Marley, Hamilton
<p>If being cute were a crime, Kelby would be locked up and serving time. He's in the hot seat allright, but Brendon plays good cop/good cop. The interrogation is sexual in nature and the 21 year-old first timer admits that 'road head' is his favorite pastime. If you don't know what it is, stay tuned. Pushed by the director, Kelby strokes his dick and watches porn, eventually giving it over to Brendon to finish him off. You'll love this scene almost as much as Brendon loved making it. And we want more of Kelby... please!</p>
Release Date: 05/17/17 Hard To Swallow: Kelby Featuring: Brendon Marley, Kelby
<p>The series may be called Hard To Swallow, but Chuck is easy on the eyes. After a few months of hard work in the gym, this guy has transformed his body into chiseled, grade A beef. Check out his earlier visit in this same series and you might just be surprised. His green eyes and Southern charm can't hide a dirty mind. Lucky for us, he doesn't want to hide anything! Like a snake charmer in the travelling circus, Chuck wakes a sleeping giant with a few smooth strokes. Brendon does some 'now-you-see-it, now-you-don't' with Chuck's un-cut dick and Wham-O, this dude sprays his load.</p>
Release Date: 05/10/17 Hard To Swallow: Chuck Returns Featuring: Chuck, Brendon Marley
<p>When Brendon discovers new talent, he baits the hook with an offer to star in a three-way with a straight couple. It's a mind game, but one Brendon excels in. Wills is on the scent of pussy and he's convinced he'll be the lucky one on a date in the near future... but not today! Posing for the camera in a mock-up photo shoot, Wills takes that bait and Brendon reels him in. Throwing directions at him to look this way and that, Brendon establishes the rules and Wills is putty in his hands. But putty has a way of hardening, and Wills' dick is soon rock-solid. ''If I can throw this at you and you can handle it, you'll be fine with a couple'', Brendon assures him. Before he realizes it, Wills has gotten a hand job from the older man and shoots like a cannon. But where's that couple? Maybe next time!</p>
Release Date: 05/03/17 Hard To Swallow: Wills Returns Featuring: Brendon Marley, Wills
<p>By the time Brendon turns on the camera in this raunchy scene, Morris is naked, hard and pullin' the pork. Perhaps the seduction was a little intense or Morris was camera shy, but with his pants pulled off and his cock in hand, nature takes over. This green-eyed, fair-haired boy casts his eyes on an image unfolding on his smart phone and leaves his fat dick for Brendon to enjoy. His thick, muscular thighs are splayed open giving Brendon unfettered access to the juicy parts. Brendon's tongue dives in for some rimming and a blowjob is a no brainer. We gotcha covered Morris!</p>
Release Date: 04/26/17 Hard To Swallow: Morris Featuring: Brendon Marley, Morris
<p>Wills is a work of art... literally! His body is a canvas on which the inksters in San Francisco can paint their fantasies. His white boy skin has every color of the rainbow and he's just getting started. He's also in a porn studio for the first time, so he's pushing himself big time. And, oh yeah, he has lobe stretchers that must be awkward at family functions. (tee-hee). This guy is an original and Brendon wants to see what else he's willing to do. He's 23 years old and cute as hell, so it's all good! Watch him jerk his thick cock to climax and be prepared for a sequel. We like Wills!</p>
Release Date: 04/19/17 Hard To Swallow: Wills Featuring: Brendon Marley, Wills
<p>Back to repeat his performance from just weeks ago, Gale smells stardom. With Brendon's encouragement, this handsome former actor craves the spotlight and the chance to perform again. His natural exhibitionism and ample gifts give Gale the confidence to strip down in front of an older man and talk about his sex life. What appears to be a photo shoot is actually the scene that Brendon hopes will plant that big cock down his throat. Using the age-old technique of distraction, Brendon directs the younger guy to watch the porn video while he applies the lube and jerks him off. With his mind on pussy, Gale lets things flow until that moment of no return when Brendon puts the 'money' where his mouth is!</p>
Release Date: 04/12/17 Hard To Swallow: Gale Returns Featuring: Brendon Marley, Gale
<p>Don't let the gentle vibe and quiet demeanor fool you, Hamilton is steering his own ship. Having been seen in ''The Devil Made Me Shoot It'', this beautifully put together dude takes sex in stride as part of the natural order of things. Lean and tightly built, Hamilton makes his own declaration of independence. He loves butt play, but an early experience with his girlfriend convinced him that the hand on the dildo needed to be his. Brendon provides the toy and Hamilton works slowly to insert it into his hairy fuck-hole. Grazing his prostate with each thrust keeps the hottie squirming, until he unleashes a massive load right in Brendon's face.</p>
Release Date: 04/05/17 Hard To Swallow: Hamilton Featuring: Brendon Marley, Hamilton
<p>Last time we saw Mario he was just a scrawny kid with a big dick. Now, at 25 years old, he's 'all growed up'! and just as pretty as his cock. He's more talkative now too, telling Brendon what he's been up to and how his girlfriend just can't get enough of that shlong. Hard to believe any girl could deep throat this stud, but he assures us she can. She loves it in the butt too. And if you recall, that's where Brendon wanted it all those years ago. Today Brendon just wants to gnaw on that bone, and almost chokes doing it. 25 year-old man-cock sure tastes good. Feels good too! Mario is ready to sign up for weekly sessions.</p>
Release Date: 03/29/17 Hard To Swallow: Mario Featuring: Brendon Marley, Mario
<p>''Put another one in,'' Andrew whispers to Brendon, referring to the number of fingers up his ass. Getting there is ALL the fun. What starts out as a routine photo shoot and studio visit turns intense... fast. Brendon, as usual, puts the guy at ease with some small talk and porn videos, taking pictures of Andrew as his bone responds to the warm studio lights. Andrew has one of those cocks made for sucking; it's fat and curves downward at just the right angle. He knows Brendon loves to suck dick, so he leans back to enjoy the ride. But it's when Brendon inserts the finger up his butt that Andrew goes feral. It's like NASA counting down to launch; 5... 4... 3... 2 and blast off. This scene goes into deep space with a mouth-watering payload!</p>
Release Date: 03/22/17 Hard To Swallow: Andrew Featuring: Andrew, Brendon Marley
<p>It didn't take long for Ken to return to the warm, soft lights of the studio after his initial visit just weeks ago. Tempted by the lure of a threesome with a sexy straight couple, Ken sheds his clothes and his inhibitions. Brendon promises him pussy, but gives him head. They start with a photo shoot and end with a photo finish! This furry stud has ONE gorgeous ass. It has the same rusty brown hair that covers his chest and slides down to his pecker. His prick goes up and never goes down till he shoots a sweet shot of jamba juice all over his tummy... Yummy!</p>
Release Date: 03/15/17 Hard To Swallow: Ken The Photo Shoot Featuring: Brendon Marley, Ken
<p>Trace is a workingman, tree trimmer, blue-collar dude. But if you look real close you'll see he's got a red neck... literally. That's from working in the sun, swinging his axe and felling trees. But the rest of him is white as snow and marble smooth. He's been in the studio before; check out ''Cream Dreams''. You're not likely to forget him and Brendon sure didn't. So when he came calling, we opened the door... WIDE. Trace hardly ever gets head from his girlfriend, so when Brendon wraps his mouth around that fat dick, he's in seventh heaven. A finger up the ass really gets this bronco buckin'. Feel the heat, cause this scene sizzles!</p>
Release Date: 03/08/17 Hard To Swallow: Trace Featuring: Brendon Marley, Trace
<p>For a guy who doesn't want his identity revealed, Ian sure has a funny way of hiding it. Naked, erect, rimmed and sucked in living color, Ian can no longer have any illusions that he won't be recognized. But we go along with his charade because he's so damned hot! Viking hot! Brendon loves a blonde. That fact has never been in question. Ian pushes all of Brendon's buttons, and we can see for ourselves that Brendon pushes right back. He tries to find a way to get that enormous dick down his throat. Brendon tries one way, then another, practically standing on his head to deep throat Ian's love muscle. This big straight stud can't seem to stay away from the studio. The door is always open mystery man!</p>
Release Date: 03/01/17 Hard To Swallow: Ian Part Trois Featuring: Brendon Marley, Ian
<p>Having done some modeling and acting, Gale is comfortable in front of the camera. Today is his first nude gig and he definitely looks ten years younger than his age, but this personable guy sends a shining light right through the camera lens. His short cropped hair and green eyes are the perfect frame for his handsome face. He's got a jerk-off style all his own and with a cock this big, he has spent some time perfecting it. Using his favorite coco butter, Gale strokes his dick to the mesmerizing scenes of straight porn that Brendon provides. When the guy cums, he cums big!</p>
Release Date: 02/22/17 Hard To Swallow: Gale Featuring: Brendon Marley, Gale
<p>''I love makin' love'', comes straight out of the mouth of this sweet, sweet guy. Ken has what every woman wants; looks, heart, and soul. His reddish hair and tender nature combine to turn us on and say ahhhh at the same time. But he's here for porn, and Brendon can't wait to get him naked. That rusty colored hair covers his chest and dusts his melon cheeks too. His body is naturally toned and beautifully proportioned. This rugged guy doesn't shave his pubes, and that's a plus after all the city slickers we come across. Relax, and watch as Ken tugs one out, applying a finger to his ass as well. He lays a nice load of sperm jelly up onto his belly.</p>
Release Date: 02/15/17 Hard To Swallow: Ken Featuring: Brendon Marley, Ken
<p>It's hard to keep a good man down. It takes an even better man to get a cock this size down, but Ian is back and Brendon dominates. Somehow, he still thinks his silence will protect his identity. OK, whatever Dude. Meanwhile, a flask of whiskey helps him buck up his courage. We just love that hairy chest and monster tool. Brendon hits his personal jackpot with this blonde stud. Triple Sevens!! Given permission to make up the rules, Brendon does some serious idol worship. And just like a toddler, everything goes in his mouth. Plus, a finger finds its way up Ian's sweet ass. One man's kink is another man's pleasure. Enjoy.</p>
Release Date: 02/08/17 Hard To Swallow: Ian Part Deux Featuring: Brendon Marley, Ian
<p>Some guys cower under the glare of the lights and the eye of the camera. Not Chuck! This self-professed nudist loves nothing more than taking it off and getting it on. Porn is a natural next step for him. His smile alone almost negates the need for our studio lights, but we want to be sure no shadow is cast on this beefy hunk. His un-cut dick stirs as he watches the straight porn, but Brendon's hand on the stick really lights him up. Watch as the maestro applies a little lube and a little friction and causes some real heat!</p>
Release Date: 02/01/17 Hard To Swallow: Chuck Featuring: Chuck, Brendon Marley
<p>This week's episode is Hard To Swallow in more ways than one. Ian was a fan favorite a couple of years ago when he appeared in Crotch Watch. The blonde, Nordic beauty stared into the camera with his steely blue eyes while he stroked his Viking sized cock. But, no touching. Today he has agreed to some 'male bonding' but he thinks he's on the down low. And it's true; nobody would recognize the guy in sunglasses and a bad Sonny Bono wig. Oh yeah... he's giving us the silent treatment too. This guy is cagey. But he didn't figure that we would reveal his identity from an earlier session. Brendon knows exactly who he's blowin' today; a big, fat boner on a seriously handsome guy. And you know too, cause we've added some pix from his earlier appearance at the beginning of this scene. With a blowjob this good, he may just be back...</p>
Release Date: 01/25/17 Hard To Swallow: Ian Featuring: Brendon Marley, Ian
<p>Oh, they do grow up! And we're glad they do. When we first met Cam he was a callow 22-year old in our 'Cocks and Robbers' series. Check that scene out when you have a minute, but look how he's grown. Now a handsome 25 year old, Cam comes back with half the innocence and twice the experience. It's sort of like re-connecting with a teacher at the class reunion. Cam has definitely learned that his ass is a wonderland. As soon as he's naked, his legs go up and he wants some ass play. Brendon obliges, licking that sweet, dark spot. But Cam has some surprises in store. It might be Hard To Swallow, but it goes down easy...</p>
Release Date: 01/18/17 Hard To Swallow: Cam Featuring: Brendon Marley, Cam
<p>Elias has beautiful latte skin and deep brown eyes. At 22 years old, he was up for an adventure, so he did what most guys do... head West. The coasts have always been the magnets for young people who feel hemmed in in the middle of the country. Whether it's the proximity of the open sea or the tang in the air, something about California lures these guys to our shore. Brendon reels 'em in with his warm, inviting studio and a whiff of nasty. With straight porn to watch on the TV, this hot-blooded hottie gets down to basics in no time. A gorgeous ass, hairy legs and a fat cock bring out the beast in the best of us. Brendon rolls out the welcome mat, and Elias cums all over it.</p>
Release Date: 01/11/17 Hard To Swallow: Elias Featuring: Elias, Brendon Marley
<p>Harry is a bit of a firecracker. His bright blue/green eyes and red hair just accentuate it. This 31 year-old single guy is out to please the ladies and we have no doubt that he does. A ready smile and upbeat personality will always attract people. He's also as straight as the fuse on that firecracker, so Brendon applies some lube to Harry's stiffening cock and gets out of the way. Left to watch the pussy porn by himself, Harry strokes his dick, putting just the right amount of pressure just where he likes it. When Brendon makes another move to jack him off, Harry can't hold back. Bang! The touch of another person puts this stud right over the edge. That smile comes right back to his handsome face and Harry is off to charm the next one.</p>
Release Date: 01/04/17 The Devil Made Me Shoot It: Harry Featuring: Harry, Brendon Marley
<p>As we prepare to usher in a New Year, let's take a look back at where we've been. 2016 was a banner year for Brendon, introducing us to fresh faces and young, rippling bodies, while also reaching back to welcome some familiar favorites. So it feels right to close out this wonderful year with an old friend.&nbsp; Like the famous clock in London that stands taller than the rest, our Big Ben is stalwart and strong, optimistic and unflappable. Life has handed him some challenges, but he takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Newly single and digging it, Ben finds himself an object of desire once again. Brendon has never forgotten that pillar of strength that hangs between Ben's legs. Long, thick and throbbing with intensity, Ben's swollen cock is catnip to any guy who has a penchant for sucking dick. Today, Brendon is that guy. Ben has always been game for a little 'arm wrestling', where one guy faces off against another in a show of strength. These two are evenly matched (huge cock vs. years of experience) and in our studio, both come out winners. So, enjoy today, stay tuned for what's to come, and thanks for a great year!</p>
Release Date: 12/28/16 The Devil Made Me Shoot It: Ben Featuring: Brendon Marley, Ben
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