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In the next scene, we see a young kid lounging in the sauna of Brendon's favorite spa. Chad has one of the longest schlongs you've ever seen, and it's still soft!! Chad's a willing neophyte for Brendon's brand of kink. The M.C. immediately lies down in front of the gifted boy to accept his cock into his throat. Chad's ass faces the camera as he dips his cock into Brendon's pussy of a mouth. Brendon purrs like a cat as his throat fills with the girth of the swelling cock.
Release Date: 01/16/04 Heavy Loads: Chad Featuring: Brendon Marley, Chad
Sam is on the hot seat; Brendon's casting couch that is. This sexy young commodities trader has a deep dark secret. He wants to fuck chicks in porno flicks . Brendon brings out his raunchy side as Sam talks real dirty to the camera, pretending it's the girl he wants to fuck. His hefty cock has a downward arc to it, just right for slipping down your throat if you're on your knees in front of him. He jerks off while watching a porn video and Brendon is just a few feet away.
Release Date: 02/11/05 Jizz Junkie: Sam Featuring: Brendon Marley, Sam
Ricky is a 24 year old sex hound who fucks girls. His personality is open and winning and as Brendon questions him, he admits that his former girlfriend told him he has a big dick. He rubs it through his jeans and it looks THICK!! Nice throat stretching sausage. Ricky likes rubbing his dick and pulling the heavy foreskin up over the head. He sits back on the sofa and watches a porno video. Brendon tells Ricky to forget about the camera and concentrate on the pussy video.
Release Date: 02/18/05 Jizz Junkie: Ricky Featuring: Brendon Marley, Ricky
An Irish immigrant named Ronin has fallen for the blarney that Brendon babbles so bountifully. Ronin is lean and looks like he isn't quite sure what he's walking into when he arrives at Brendon's studio. He's game for a blow job and drives his throbbing hard cock deep into the willing throat of our leader. Ronin is thoroughly worked over before Brendon lets him cum, and when he does you won't want to miss it!
Release Date: 04/22/05 Beach Boys: Ronin Featuring: Brendon Marley, Ronin
When DUSTY shows up for his audition, Brendon would never guess what he's got hiding in those baggy pants. But when he gets a crack at this red heads fat, veiny cock, the whole series of CHOKED videos comes to life. Brendon literally chokes on this guy's sausage.
Release Date: 06/10/05 Choked: Dusty Featuring: Brendon Marley, Dusty
If you've heard that Brazilian guys have big cocks, you may still be surprised at the schlong on this South American cowboy. With black curly hair and an irresistable accent, PASQUAL never knew what hit him! Brendon uses all of his talents to make this stud's cock disappear. But disappear it does, and surfaces just in time to blow a huge load.
Release Date: 06/17/05 Choked: Pasqual Featuring: Pasqual, Brendon Marley
DOMINIC has a personality that would make up for any lack in talent, but DOMINIC has that too. Some guys are gifted and here is one of them. His cock grows to amazing lengths as he jacks off for Brendon in the studio. He's enjoying it big time, and so will you.
Release Date: 06/24/05 Choked: Dominic Featuring: Brendon Marley, Dominic
MATT continues the parade of gorgeous flesh on this second installment of the CHOKED series. Sitting nonchalantly on the sofa in Brendon's studio, this blond, awesome stud of a stud undresses to reveal a body that's good enough to eat. So naturally Brendon eats him. Starting at his balls and ass, Brendon makes a meal of this beauty.
Release Date: 07/08/05 Choked: Matt Featuring: Brendon Marley, Matt
Nathan looks like the last guy you'd expect to see in Brendon's studio. Shaved head and glasses, white shirt and dress pants. Kinda goofy, but wait till he removes the glasses and clothes! Big ole beefy body and a chunky dick set off by a couple of very sexy tattoos. He's having a little trouble getting aroused so he tells Brendon that chocolate makes him hard every time. Brendon sprints out to the store and comes back with an aphrodisiac, Reese's peanut butter cup.
Release Date: 07/29/05 Choked: Nathan Featuring: Brendon Marley, Nathan
Ben is lead off batter in the top of this inning. He gets things off to a wild start. Right off the bat he says he's married so you gotta wonder how he ends up in Brendon's studio. You'll soon find out he's a horny bastard with two things on his mind; gettin laid and gettin paid. Brendon can arrange for both of those things to happen. Ben is a looker with classic features. High cheek bones, green eyes and a long, uncut dick.
Release Date: 08/05/05 Choked: Ben Featuring: Brendon Marley, Ben
With his tie loosened Miguel is just here on lunch hour. He works in an office but dreams of making porn. The tattoos on his bulging bicep is anything but corporate. He lays back on the couch and jacks off for Brendon. Beautiful olive skin and a rock hard cock that shoots a sweet load. Miguel wants a second chance, so he's back for another round and this time he's a little looser, a little sexier and leaves a part of himself behind.
Release Date: 08/12/05 Choked: Miguel Featuring: Brendon Marley, Miguel
Allen is the one Brendon still dreams about. Quiet, masculine and with balls big enough for a bull. His cock never gets hard until Brendon drops to his knees in front of him And then, whammo! Brendon deep throats him over and over and then drinks his load!
Release Date: 08/26/05 Choked: Allen Featuring: Allen, Brendon Marley
James is a porn star wanna-be. He's a little older but he's got a great body and a killer cock. After the load he shoots he might actually make it!
Release Date: 09/02/05 Choked: James Featuring: James, Brendon Marley
Jackson is really young, really gorgeous and really nervous.  He knows he's going to get a blow job from this older guy, Brendon, but once the action starts he's a little bewildered.  Cameras and blow jobs are not what he's used to but Jackson steps up to the plate and delivers a grand slam.  He watches pussy on video while Brendon blows his rock hard dick.  His body is firm and mouth watering. Jackson stands and delivers right into the open mouth of his new best friend.
Release Date: 09/09/05 Stretched: Jackson Featuring: Jackson, Brendon Marley
Alex, a Ukrainian guy who wants to break into the porn biz..Nothing is more appealing to him than fucking in front of people. This Ukrainian stud has nothing to be ashamed of so why not? He strokes his huge tool and and in the end pops on massive load. You can smell the spunk all over the room!!!
Release Date: 12/09/05 Plugged: Alex Featuring: Alex, Brendon Marley
Pietor is a handsome young Bulgarian guy. Brendon gets him all worked up and this stud lays a glob of thick white jizz on Brendon's black stool. Yummy!
Release Date: 01/06/06 Plugged: Pietor Featuring: Pietor, Brendon Marley
Berk is a long haired hippy guy with a swollen cock head so purple it practically explodes. Well, it does explode. Be there for the clean up.
Release Date: 01/27/06 Plugged: Berk Featuring: Brendon Marley, Berk
Jason is the man of the hour. His young cock is a flag pole; long and straight. When Brendon questions Jason on his kinkiest sex yet, the young hottie says he would love to be involved in an orgy but it hasn't happened yet. It's just a matter of time. His big boner throbs and juts out from his torso in a menacing fashion. He's watching some porn videos but at his age his cock is hard all day long anyway. He appears to like posing for the camera. <p>
Release Date: 02/17/06 Back Underground: Jason Featuring: Brendon Marley, Jason
Neil is a beautiful 19 year old guy. He is quiet and handsome. He knows who he is and what he wants. He is incredibly sensual and comfortable with his own body. Watch as he lays back on the bed in just his boxer shorts. See him slowly work his cock up to its full manliness. He is hard in no time and pulls down his underwear just enough to grab a hand full of his gorgeous boy cock. Watch this sexy stud make love to himself pulling on his hot cock and caressing his young nuts.
Release Date: 02/24/06 Back Underground: Neil Featuring: Neil, Brendon Marley
When Brendon and his new friend Shy prowl the streets of North Beach in San Francisco, finding horny straight guys is the easy part. Convincing them to get a blow job on film is another matter. Apparently Shy has a way with words, because two tall, straight studs follow her into the video arcade and put their meat through a hole with nothing more than a promise of good head. Danny is first up at bat; and the pole he pulls out of his pants could knock one out of the park. <p>
Release Date: 04/07/06 Back Underground: Danny, Shy Love Featuring: Brendon Marley, Danny, BJ
Shy has no problem hooking up and her new friend Gary has a wild side. Gary traces his fingers over her silky skin while he tongues her nipples. "Dude, show her your cock," Brendon suggests to the horny stud. Shy grabs the stiffy and marvels at it's beauty. She ducks next door while Gary strips off his shirt. He wastes no time pushing his cock through the hole and Brendon just as quickly gets the throbbing dick in his mouth.<p>
Release Date: 04/28/06 Back Underground: Gary, Shy Love Featuring: Brendon Marley, Gary, BJ
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