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Brendon tried to chop this arborist down to size in the Cream Dream series, but Trace wasn't ready to fall. Tall as an Oak and light as an Aspen, Trace does the kind of work that builds strong bodies, but in his down time he hunts the forest for 'pussy' willow. In this scene Brendon has Trace relaxed and horny watching some video porn, so when Brendon goes down to lick his big nuts, Trace surrenders to the older guy. Watch his fat cock disappear down the wily throat of the master. This is 'gay for pay' the American way!
Release Date: 09/23/15 Cum To Daddy: Trace Featuring: Brendon Marley, Trace
<p>Since it's autumn we're celebrating homecoming, just like colleges all over the country. Alumni find their way back to the studio where a favorite 'professor' peaked their interest in life sciences. Glenn graduated a couple of years ago from the Cocks and Robbers department. (see series online) From the looks of things, he's been successful; shirt and tie, firm handshake, perfect smile. But he can't wait to get those clothes off and wave his diploma in Brendon's face. Suck this professor Marley! This scene is a few degrees north of sizzling. Well taught!</p>
Release Date: 11/11/15 Dreamin Of Semen: Glenn Featuring: Brendon Marley, Glenn
<p>We hesitate to use the word 'Superman' in describing any of our young friends, but when we saw Arizona for the first time the term nerd came to mind. So it is with that initial visual image and the fact that he literally transforms into a sexual athlete before your eyes that we claim this scene has super powers. The steady hand of a seasoned director works like magic to turn a nervous, kinda cute dude into a raging stud for hire. His huge cock is awesome and when he sees Brendon swallow that thing whole, the energy of this scene goes full throttle. This scene puts Arizona on the map as a destination state. But he isn't a state, he's a state of mind!</p>
Release Date: 11/25/15 Dreamin Of Semen: Arizona Featuring: Brendon Marley, Arizona
<p>Clint, a firefighter with a kinky side is an all American man's man. As if his blond hair, blue eyes and strong, beefy body weren't enough, his big, thick cock provides great practice for the hoses he uses at work, and a challenge for Brendon's throat. But as the sex heats up, the chief saves the day and puts out Clint's fire with his masterful mouth and a geyser of spooge.</p>
Release Date: 01/13/16 Dreamin Of Semen: Clint Featuring: Clint, Brendon Marley
<p>We met Burton this past summer when he was newly arrived to the city. His Louisiana chill and bedroom eyes were the perfect antidote to a hot July day. Check out that scene in Cream Dreams and compare it to the Burton we find in the studio today. He's gone feral and looks a bit 'duck dynasty'. Scruffy sexy. There's no pressure to 'fit in' in this bohemian jungle. Fly your freak flag from the highest pole. Burton loves to get his joint sucked and has discovered he likes dick too. That's cool. No labels. We won't tell his girlfriend. She might not understand.</p>
Release Date: 11/04/15 Dreamin Of Semen: Burton Featuring: Brendon Marley, Burton
<p>You asked for it and you got it. Jaden is back and Brendon is pushing harder than ever. To stay in shape, Jaden boxes, kayaks, and plays basketball, and his body has the lean, tight curves that result. A few weeks ago Brendon teased a load out of him, but today this 21 year-old gets a working over that will have him dizzy for a long time to come. Jaden's eyes roll back in his head and pleasure takes over his soul from the minute Brendon stakes his claim on that gorgeous dick. So much more to cum as Jaden gets his ass rimmed and eaten for the very first time. Watch it again when your blood pressure returns to normal!</p>
Release Date: 12/09/15 Dreamin Of Semen: Jaden Returns Featuring: Brendon Marley, Jaden
<p>Owen would definitely be more at home tailgating before the game than here on Brendon's hot seat. This ultra straight stud is looking for a different game today, but coach has other ideas. Brendon puts him at ease with some small talk about strategy but it's obvious that Owen hasn't stripped down to nothin' in front of another dude before. His blue eyes stay focused on Brendon as he approaches with a bottle of lube. Brendon's calling the plays and gets a good grip on Owen's huge, hard cock. It's inflated, just the way coach likes it. Watch as Brendon moves the chains down the field, keeping his opponent on the defensive and making the big score!</p>
Release Date: 02/24/16 California Hardwood: Owen Featuring: Owen, Brendon Marley
<p>''fuckin a, dude'' or whatever blue-collar straight guys in their early 30s would say when confronted by the prospect of getting head from another guy. Al is as normal as his flannel shirt, but way times more sexy. A square jaw, blue eyes and a beefy physique add up to a major turn-on for Brendon. Not to mention his thighs... check em out! So when Al agrees to turn the tables and give the director head, that is manna from Heaven. Hey, he does what the boss says and no shit. And since he has to do it, he's gonna do it right. And when Brendon is blowing him, Al uses those thighs to thrust that dick deep, all the way deep. Both guys shoot their loads. Wouldn't have it any other way.</p>
Release Date: 05/25/16 Nut Jobs: Al Featuring: Al, Brendon Marley
<p>Big Red, little bed, mucho head! Dalton is lured back to the studio with the promise of real pussy. The strapping ginger-haired straight dude is Brendon's idea of HOT! Chiseled torso and movie star looks are just two of his attributes. Ajay and Alana trip the light fantastic with another in a series of encounters with a horny, hunky hetero. We don't know who's having more fun here, the nasty wife, her cock sniffing hubby or the beefy bachelor. She's getting a cornucopia of priapic delights, Ajay's getting a mouthful of real dude dick and Dalton's getting laid with no strings attached. He doesn't even have to pay for dinner. Brendon conducts this symphony of 'skin and boners' till Dalton sprays himself with his own cum and Ajay lets his load fly on his wife's ass. We think she's the lucky one!</p>
Release Date: 10/21/15 My Husband Sucks: Ajay, Alana, & Dalton Featuring: Alana, Dalton, Ajay
If he thinks the black cap is going to keep him anonymous, Kent is thinking with his cock. But with a dick this big, that's a lot of brain power. Returning to Brendon's studio after an initial jack-off session a few months ago, Brendon has given Kent the news that that cock is going to be fair game. ''Has anyone ever gone all the way down on this?'' Brendon asks. ''No'' says Kent. Just the answer Brendon wanted to hear. This burly blonde stud will never be able to make that claim again!
Release Date: 05/15/13 Blast Off: Kent Featuring: Brendon Marley, Kent
<p>A six-month stint on a fishing boat is Alaska will harden the muscles of any young man. But it gets lonely onboard a boat full of smelly men, so 23-year-old Tyson needs some TLC. And when you're handsome and sexy like this blue-eyed stud, you don't have to look far for attention. Lucky for us Brendon got him in to the studio before half of the women in San Francisco knew he was loose. We've seen Tyson before, but we never get tired of his huge cock and nasty ways. He mouth fucks Brendon like he's trolling for tuna, drop a line and catch that mutha fucker. It's a free for all in the studio, but Brendon ends up with the catch of the day!</p>
Release Date: 12/23/15 Dreamin Of Semen: Tyson Featuring: Brendon Marley, Tyson
There's mystery in this scene, but it is solved in the most tender and sexy way. Bo describes his fantasy shower scene, which would sound gay if Bo weren't such a hot specimen. Gym-built, inked and horny, Bo has Brendon wondering if this stud prefers men. And if he does, damn straight! When Brendon takes his growing cock into his mouth, Bo leans back to enjoy. We've seen it a million times before, but what comes next is the beautiful beating heart at the center of this story. Bo wants to connect in a more intimate way. Round one goes to Bo!
Release Date: 07/02/14 The Skin Game: Bo Featuring: Bo, Brendon Marley
<p>''I have an enormous penis'', is a direct quote from Arden, the 6-foot tall, lithe young guy in the studio today. Luckily that isn't his only asset. He's also handsome, engaging and horny. Brendon is challenged by the sheer size of this guy's piece, but he's never met a cock he couldn't wrangle, so before Arden leaves the casting couch, his meat is tenderized and stamped with the seal of approval. Shucked, sucked and turned upside down, Arden goes home a happy man!</p>
Release Date: 12/16/15 Dreamin Of Semen: Arden Featuring: Brendon Marley, Arden
True bait and switch is the impetus for this scene of blonde ambition. Brendon has lured two cute, young guys to the studio and Max is very straight. Never fooled around with another guy. Dewey, however, gets his kicks from testosterone tumbles. So it's a complete surprise when Max steps up and swallows his pride, along with Dewey's cock, to deliver his first ever blow job. Turn about is fair play and Dewey willingly trades places to give Max the same treatment. Max's huge balls are a turn on. Dewey's defined abs are eye candy. The whole thing is a testament to today's enlightened and enterprising sexual entrepreneurs. Could this be the 'greatest generation'?
Release Date: 01/21/15 Seed Money: Dewey & Max Featuring: Max, Brendon Marley, Dewey
<p>Brendon's years of experience, human insight and unquenchable libido culminate in this scene. Cultivating his friendship with Wyatt, the bashful former Navy man, has created a trust that brings the big stud back to the studio year after year. Now raising a daughter, Wyatt needs the financial help that a studio gig can offer. On the other side of the couch is the 6 foot 4 inch, 20 year old with 9.5 inches of youthful vigor... Tommy. He's more loquacious in his fourth studio visit and the presence of another straight guy seems to relax him. This pairing is like mixing the finest grapes in the world to create a wine of unsurpassed quality. Drink it slowly and enjoy every sip.</p>
Release Date: 07/20/16 Nut Jobs: Wyatt & Tommy Featuring: Tommy, Brendon Marley, Wyatt
Making a return visit after impressing Brendon with a monstrous cum shot in the 'Cocks and Robbers' series, Mike is ready for more. He was warned that he wouldn't get away quite so easily this time. No hand jobs! Put up or shut up. Mike puts up one big, gnarly dick and Brendon swoops down on it like a drone attack. Suck that motha fucker. Since Mike is 6 foot 4, you can imagine what kind of challenge this was for Brendon. One he meats head on!
Release Date: 04/23/14 Dick Dynasty: Mike Featuring: Mike, Brendon Marley
<p>True to form, Brendon provides a striking young guy, truly magnificent in every way and cherry virgin. Luca cops to a couple of three-ways with straight couples, but that's only because he wanted no-strings attached sex with the women. Brendon has him in a one-on-one for the very first time. Beautiful black hair, slim and unmarked, Luca is one for the record books. Uninhibited, trusting and very hot, he lets the older man take him on a journey to an undiscovered destination. His gorgeous un-cut dick puts Brendon's talents to the test and both guys are rewarded. Luca is an instant fan favorite!</p>
Release Date: 02/03/16 California Hardwood: Luca Featuring: Brendon Marley, Luca
<p>Do your eyes deceive you? Could this little hottie in the studio be legal? Yup! 18 years old and sassy as hell, Dale may look like he should be in Civics class, but he's a graduate! College is not for him, so it's straight to the real world. This yummy young man is putty in Brendon's hands, following the slightest nuances and responding to the older man's caresses. Alabaster skin, fuzzy brown pubes and a face so cute it makes Brendon's knees weak, Dale becomes the ideal lover, open to kisses and having his rock hard dick sucked. This scene will keep you up nights!</p>
Release Date: 03/16/16 California Hardwood: Dale Featuring: Dale, Brendon Marley
Gael has a face that appears younger than his 26 years. But when he begins to interact with Brendon there is a maturity and confidence that only a man of a certain age can attain. His brown eyes and dark hair speak of a Latin background and when he unwraps that beefy body you'll be thinking rugby. He's solid as a Sherman tank with the howitzer to match. He tells Brendon that no chick has ever gotten him down 'all the way'. So now you know what you're about to see. Brendon cannot resist that challenge. You be the judge.
Release Date: 09/09/15 Cum To Daddy: Gael Featuring: Brendon Marley, Gael
<p>Like a caring but horny big brother, Geo ushers the 18 year-old Drake into the pulse quickening, heart pounding world of adult video. It wasn't too many years ago that Geo was the innocent, youthful stripling, but 6 years later he's the knowing pro. Drake is an adorable blonde hottie, his long sideburns a stretch toward manhood. But this green-eyed youth smells conquest when Geo rolls over and offers his hungry ass. Drake pounds it good, his heavy ball-sack slamming against Geo's firm cheeks. Lessons can go both ways...</p>
Release Date: 12/02/15 Dreamin Of Semen: Drake & Geo Featuring: Drake, Brendon Marley, Geo
<p>Seems like poor Andrew gets the shaft in this scene from an afternoon of shenanigans in Brendon's studio. But the 'shaft' in question belongs to Tommy, the 20 year old defender of the faith. Tommy brandishes his huge dick like a knight would his trusty sword, so when Andrew climbs aboard he isn't exactly a damsel in distress. He has already taken the measure of the man orally and 'sword swallower' is now on his resume'. Tommy's hammer finds a home in Andrew's warm, dark butthole. Pushing up into that velvety fuck-heaven marks Tommy's initiation into the tribe of men who fuck men. He even likes it! Looks like Andrew won the battle after all.</p>
Release Date: 08/03/16 Nut Jobs: Tommy & Andrew Featuring: Tommy, Andrew, Brendon Marley
<p>Alston's dazzling face and blue eyes jump right out of the screen as Brendon captures this 21 year old at the cusp of his beauty. He may come from the corn state but this young guy is dying to be shucked. It's the perfect storm of willing and able. Alston is so willing and Brendon is so able. You'd never guess that this young man had not been in front of a camera before. He's charming and teasing and so sexy he gets Brendon to do something he's NEVER done before. We'll let you discover what that is.</p>
Release Date: 03/02/16 California Hardwood: Alston Featuring: Brendon Marley, Alston
<p>Don't tell Landon's girlfriend where he has snuck off to today. Brendon likes nothing better than to lure a straight boy away from the pussy at home and share a secret. We'll just film it and show it to a few of our best friends! This 19 year olds' dick is making the decisions today and it loves to be sucked. Watch Landon feed his massive cock to someone who knows how to enjoy it, then before he knows which end is up, he's head over heels and getting rimmed. This scene starts at idle and quickly speeds out of control. You'll be re-watching this cum shot over and over.</p>
Release Date: 03/30/16 California Hardwood: Landon Featuring: Brendon Marley, Landon
<p>Like a math equation, Jaden is all angles and planes. His high cheekbones form a triangle beneath his tiger-green eyes. His sumptuous mouth opens wide to reveal a smile of infinite proportion. This 21 year old has the world at his feet... and they're BIG feet. His tastes run to Asian, black or Latina women; clearly the exoticism of 'other' attracts him. And he loves to eat their booty. Who wouldn't want that slippery tongue probing their pink parts? When the clothes come off, we can see that Jaden's body is just as gorgeous as that face. Rippled pecs and six pack abs take our eyes down to his fat bone. Before this scene is over, Brendon is slurping Jaden's jizz and re-charging this kid's battery. Jolt, jolt!</p>
Release Date: 11/18/15 Dreamin Of Semen: Jaden Featuring: Brendon Marley, Jaden
<p>Struggling to make it through another morning of meetings at stores in the area he manages for a large retail chain, Ajay can't keep his morning wood from popping up every half hour. A quick call to Brendon and he's off to the studio to get it taken care of by someone who knows how. So anxious was Brendon to accommodate this married, good looking stud that he meets him at the door and starts filming before he can get inside. Stripping for the camera and shedding his boxer briefs, Ajay takes the one meeting of the day that he'll remember for the rest of the week. When he gets home to his wife and tells her 'this day sucked', he won't be lying!</p>
Release Date: 01/20/16 Dreamin Of Semen: Ajay Featuring: Brendon Marley, Ajay
<p>Nobody compares to Wyatt in the 'awe shucks' department. Gee, how'd I get here? I'm so nervous I can hardly keep my pants on. I shouldn't really suck your cock, but, OK! When the blood isn't flushing his cheeks, it's making a pretty good argument for a big fat hard-on. This ex sailor has always had the welcome mat at Brendon's studio and we hope he'll be coming back for a long time to come. These two old friends share a few war stories before they get down to the business at hand. And Wyatt's still the loudest cummer we know.</p>
Release Date: 10/28/15 Dreamin Of Semen: Wyatt Featuring: Brendon Marley, Wyatt
<p>This scene is a 'blow-out' no matter how you view it. When Brendon plays matchmaker he strikes gold like a Tinder swipe. Alston, the blue-eyed boy from Iowa with the Hollywood smile, meets Ajay, a married stud with a yen for dick. After the typical intros and small talk, Brendon asks Alston to service Ajay. Wham! The guys take to each other like kittens to milk. Ajay's thick cock makes for good eatin' and Brendon can't stay out of the picture. Together, he and Alston make a meal out of the hunky guy's fat prick. Milk is drunk, but it's protein content is off the hook!</p>
Release Date: 04/27/16 California Hardwood: Ajay & Alston Featuring: Brendon Marley, Alston, Ajay
Young and younger could be the subtitle to this testosterone eruption. Gregor is the 18 year old, live-at-home Russian guy struggling to satisfy the demands of his horny body while Evereth, all of 19, seems worldly by comparison. Totally at home in his bi-curious body, Evereth is experienced and comfortable, and leads Gregor through his fifth sexual encounter with a tenderness that belies his youth. But you could also call this scene The Hunger Games as the guys practically devour one another in their lustful haste; sucking, fucking and groping their way to the finish line. Much kissing and cumming in this achingly sweet scene.
Release Date: 12/03/14 Seed Money: Gregor & Evereth Featuring: Brendon Marley, Evereth, Gregor
<p>With his dark, brooding eyes round as saucers, Dimitry looks slightly possessed sitting in Brendon's studio. This tall drink of water has been in this same chair before, so he knows he'll get some good blow today, but after a year or more he may have forgotten just how good! Brendon can't resist fingering this stud's pretty hole, trying to jar him from his seeming complacency. Dimitry's cock don't lie though, and stays rock hard while a pro goes deep... ball deep. Watch Brendon's tongue as he laps up the milky jizz. Every drop.</p>
Release Date: 02/17/16 California Hardwood: Dimitry Featuring: Brendon Marley, Dimitry
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