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sparte75 (03/09/16):

Pj (02/28/16):
My favorite scene is Crotch Watch!!! It is so hot seeing u have him stand up with that dick stickin' up and u suckin him off like that! You've sucked off several guys like that ....that's my favorite position of u !! Hot seeing that cum shoot off in your mouth!!!


<p>Three's a crowd, and that's definitely the point in the My Husband Sucks series. Alana and her studly husband, Ajay, like to spice up their non-conventional marriage and Brendon likes to be the chef that picks the spice. But today he lets Alana stir the pot and she has brought along their neighbor, Leo. He's probably been peeking through the curtains, cause he knows this couple is kinky. And he's down for some kink! Leo is stunning in his own right; muscular, endowed and horny, he responds to direction very well. His cock is a perfect match for Ajay, and soon the hungry husband is getting to know his neighbor very well indeed. With a mouthful of pussy and a rock hard dick, Leo is anybody's target. Bulls eye!</p>
Release Date: 06/08/16 My Husband Sucks: Ajay, Alana, & Leo Featuring: Alana, Leo, Ajay
<p>This scene is a 'blow-out' no matter how you view it. When Brendon plays matchmaker he strikes gold like a Tinder swipe. Alston, the blue-eyed boy from Iowa with the Hollywood smile, meets Ajay, a married stud with a yen for dick. After the typical intros and small talk, Brendon asks Alston to service Ajay. Wham! The guys take to each other like kittens to milk. Ajay's thick cock makes for good eatin' and Brendon can't stay out of the picture. Together, he and Alston make a meal out of the hunky guy's fat prick. Milk is drunk, but it's protein content is off the hook!</p>
Release Date: 04/27/16 California Hardwood: Ajay & Alston Featuring: Brendon Marley, Alston, Ajay
<p>Struggling to make it through another morning of meetings at stores in the area he manages for a large retail chain, Ajay can't keep his morning wood from popping up every half hour. A quick call to Brendon and he's off to the studio to get it taken care of by someone who knows how. So anxious was Brendon to accommodate this married, good looking stud that he meets him at the door and starts filming before he can get inside. Stripping for the camera and shedding his boxer briefs, Ajay takes the one meeting of the day that he'll remember for the rest of the week. When he gets home to his wife and tells her 'this day sucked', he won't be lying!</p>
Release Date: 01/20/16 Dreamin Of Semen: Ajay Featuring: Brendon Marley, Ajay
<p>Big Red, little bed, mucho head! Dalton is lured back to the studio with the promise of real pussy. The strapping ginger-haired straight dude is Brendon's idea of HOT! Chiseled torso and movie star looks are just two of his attributes. Ajay and Alana trip the light fantastic with another in a series of encounters with a horny, hunky hetero. We don't know who's having more fun here, the nasty wife, her cock sniffing hubby or the beefy bachelor. She's getting a cornucopia of priapic delights, Ajay's getting a mouthful of real dude dick and Dalton's getting laid with no strings attached. He doesn't even have to pay for dinner. Brendon conducts this symphony of 'skin and boners' till Dalton sprays himself with his own cum and Ajay lets his load fly on his wife's ass. We think she's the lucky one!</p>
Release Date: 10/21/15 My Husband Sucks: Ajay, Alana, & Dalton Featuring: Alana, Dalton, Ajay
Every time Cary comes to the studio, Brendon knows that something sizzling hot is going to happen. Today is no exception. He's invited Ajay, the handsome blonde stud seen recently in Crotch Watch. This meaty, studly straight arrow is shooting with Cupid's bow today and he stands up to feed his rock hard dick to Cary. The head of Ajay's dick is like a battering ram and he has some trouble at first getting it into Cary's tight hole, but once it's in, Cary moans like a believer. The slim and sexy Cary takes it bare back, doggy style. He's definitely living in the moment. This scene scorches!
Release Date: 06/24/15 Cream Dreams: Cary & Ajay Featuring: Brendon Marley, Cary, Ajay
Corporate headhunters would love to interview Ajay for any position that needed to be filled. He presents himself with humility and confidence, a sexy combination in any office setting. You could say Brendon is a 'head'hunter, but the head he's looking for usually never comes out in an interview. And it isn't always mushroom shaped and throbbing either. But Ajay is a player. He doesn't bat an eye when things get very personal and soon he's feeding that sexy cock-head to Brendon and getting his sweet pink ass rimmed. Not a bad way to spend your lunch hour.
Release Date: 04/22/15 Crotch Watch: Ajay Featuring: Brendon Marley, Ajay
Blue eyes are just the beginning of Ajay's attributes. His ripped physique and rugged thighs anchor this dude to the ground. But it's his bulbous cock-head reaching up to heaven that turns Brendon on like a choirboy. After learning that Ajay and his girlfriend are open to every sexual possibility, Brendon grabs that throttle and applies the pressure. Ajay loves watching his cock slide down Brendon's throat, and what goes down must force something up... in this case a thick salty load of manly cum.
Release Date: 10/01/14 Seed Money: Ajay Featuring: Brendon Marley, Ajay