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Cam (12/30/16):
If you are able to bring him back. Can you do a photo shoot of him?

Cam (12/30/16):
Is there any way you can bring him back? Please he is a great guy with a nice size body.


<p>''fuckin a, dude'' or whatever blue-collar straight guys in their early 30s would say when confronted by the prospect of getting head from another guy. Al is as normal as his flannel shirt, but way times more sexy. A square jaw, blue eyes and a beefy physique add up to a major turn-on for Brendon. Not to mention his thighs... check em out! So when Al agrees to turn the tables and give the director head, that is manna from Heaven. Hey, he does what the boss says and no shit. And since he has to do it, he's gonna do it right. And when Brendon is blowing him, Al uses those thighs to thrust that dick deep, all the way deep. Both guys shoot their loads. Wouldn't have it any other way.</p>
Release Date: 05/25/16 Nut Jobs: Al Featuring: Al, Brendon Marley