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<p>This scene is a 'blow-out' no matter how you view it. When Brendon plays matchmaker he strikes gold like a Tinder swipe. Alston, the blue-eyed boy from Iowa with the Hollywood smile, meets Ajay, a married stud with a yen for dick. After the typical intros and small talk, Brendon asks Alston to service Ajay. Wham! The guys take to each other like kittens to milk. Ajay's thick cock makes for good eatin' and Brendon can't stay out of the picture. Together, he and Alston make a meal out of the hunky guy's fat prick. Milk is drunk, but it's protein content is off the hook!</p>
Release Date: 04/27/16 California Hardwood: Ajay & Alston Featuring: Brendon Marley, Alston, Ajay
<p>Alston's dazzling face and blue eyes jump right out of the screen as Brendon captures this 21 year old at the cusp of his beauty. He may come from the corn state but this young guy is dying to be shucked. It's the perfect storm of willing and able. Alston is so willing and Brendon is so able. You'd never guess that this young man had not been in front of a camera before. He's charming and teasing and so sexy he gets Brendon to do something he's NEVER done before. We'll let you discover what that is.</p>
Release Date: 03/02/16 California Hardwood: Alston Featuring: Brendon Marley, Alston