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<p>Andrew should have been a fireman cause he has a hose on him that could douse flames. In this scene, he plays the arson by starting a blaze that Brendon quickly fans. This 6 foot three inch stud clearly has the huge cock and massive balls of a man his size. But when Brendon tries to inch that Anaconda down his throat, he finds it almost impossible. Both guys get turned-on by the interaction. Brendon naturally puts his finger on Andrew's smooth, silky hole, which only increases the young guys' pleasure. He starts with two fingers, then three, until Brendon's whole hand is slithering up the hungry ass. The fire spreads until this hot scene goes up in flames. Now that hose really comes in handy!</p>
Release Date: 07/19/17 Hard To Swallow: Andrew Returns Featuring: Andrew, Brendon Marley
<p>In a pairing of North and South, Brendon brings Mario and Andrew together and lets nature take its course. These two young bucks have plenty of nature stirring in their loins and Andrew is quick to taste the pleasures of Mario's cock. The handsome and mysterious Mario has a thick Latino dick that is hardened like steel but goes down easy. Andrew's cock may be slightly longer and curves down, so Mario seems eager to return the favor. After some mutual sucking, Mario takes possession of Andrew's soft, silky ass and pummels it with his fuck stick. Andrew's moans and cries bring no pity as Mario continues to shove his hard flesh into the willing hole. All that pumping causes Andrew to spew like a geyser. Stand back!</p>
Release Date: 06/07/17 Hard To Swallow: Andrew & Mario Featuring: Andrew, Brendon Marley, Mario
<p>''Put another one in,'' Andrew whispers to Brendon, referring to the number of fingers up his ass. Getting there is ALL the fun. What starts out as a routine photo shoot and studio visit turns intense... fast. Brendon, as usual, puts the guy at ease with some small talk and porn videos, taking pictures of Andrew as his bone responds to the warm studio lights. Andrew has one of those cocks made for sucking; it's fat and curves downward at just the right angle. He knows Brendon loves to suck dick, so he leans back to enjoy the ride. But it's when Brendon inserts the finger up his butt that Andrew goes feral. It's like NASA counting down to launch; 5... 4... 3... 2 and blast off. This scene goes into deep space with a mouth-watering payload!</p>
Release Date: 03/22/17 Hard To Swallow: Andrew Featuring: Andrew, Brendon Marley
<p>Seems like poor Andrew gets the shaft in this scene from an afternoon of shenanigans in Brendon's studio. But the 'shaft' in question belongs to Tommy, the 20 year old defender of the faith. Tommy brandishes his huge dick like a knight would his trusty sword, so when Andrew climbs aboard he isn't exactly a damsel in distress. He has already taken the measure of the man orally and 'sword swallower' is now on his resume'. Tommy's hammer finds a home in Andrew's warm, dark butthole. Pushing up into that velvety fuck-heaven marks Tommy's initiation into the tribe of men who fuck men. He even likes it! Looks like Andrew won the battle after all.</p>
Release Date: 08/03/16 Nut Jobs: Tommy & Andrew Featuring: Tommy, Andrew, Brendon Marley
<p>Andrew's smile lights up the night. This sexy 22 year old with blue-green eyes and short blonde hair fills out his blue striped cotton briefs with impressive style. Guys with big dicks have built in self-confidence that's coded in their DNA. Somehow they know that the world will be a little more open to them, people more attracted to them, opportunities more abundant. It's not hubris, it just is. So when Brendon sees Andrew's huge downward dog dick, he can put another notch in the bedpost. It doesn't go down easy, but it does go down. Andrew's particular kink is ass play. Watch him put one, then two, then three fingers into his sweet hole, prying it open for all to see.</p>
Release Date: 07/06/16 Nut Jobs: Andrew Featuring: Andrew, Brendon Marley