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Big Poppa (06/29/22):
Have you ever been able to get in touch with Bo? If so is he interested in coming back? Every time I pull up your side I immediately go to bowl. I think it is one of the hottest scenes I have ever seen.

Big Poppa (06/23/22):
Hot, hot…….Set him up with Gregor, please’ please.

TommyBoy (01/03/21):
This guy is so incredibly hot. He would have had full on sex with Brendon and all he had to do was ask. Other than the hot cocksucking, the best part was the kiss, telling me there is something not straight about this guy. He might ID as such but let's see where he is on the Kinsey Scale :)

Billyclub (02/05/20):
I would cream his corn any time

fredtftl (06/19/19):
incredible ,one of the best ive seen

thewadester (06/19/19):
fuckin hot video get him back

BJRedd (06/08/19):
Sweetest, hottest, sexiest. where'd he go?

ruralsanantonio (07/10/17):
One of the best. He needs to make a return!

fantasy (04/03/17):
fantasy(4/3/17) that's what he fantasy

baleine (11/11/16):
total stud with so much passion.

tw (10/16/16):
please ger him ack again

Sexual (09/18/16):
Best video ever

buddy (02/13/16):
what a stud.. wud like to see more of this hunk.

killerb (11/14/15):
Bring him back.