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<p>One of Brendon's favorite things about being in business for 20 years is that many of the guys he films never lose his phone number. They move on, they mature, they finish school and they call again when they're short of cash. That's when we see them again. Calvin appeared in our Cocks and Robbers series three years ago, so when he called Brendon recently, it was a nice surprise. His red hair is cut differently and he's grown a beard, but his rock hard dick gives him away. We haven't forgotten that! He's pretty chill, chewing gum and watching porn while Brendon reacquaints himself with that pretty cock. Calvin saved up a nice load to give to Brendon. You can come back anytime dude.</p>
Release Date: 10/26/16 The Devil Made Me Shoot It: Calvin Featuring: Calvin, Brendon Marley