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Brendon gets turned on at the thought of this hunky stud getting fucked by a girl. Taking a straight guy's power is what Brendon is all about. Chad lays back and allows Brendon to shove a lubed dildo up his sweet hole. Push comes to shove and soon Brendon has Chad's ass begging for a real cock. Brendon steps up to the plate and hits a home run. Grand slam!
Release Date: 12/23/05 Plugged part 2: Chad Featuring: Brendon Marley, Chad
When Brendon keeps circling back to the same watering hole year after year, you know he's found something that quenches his thirst . Chad is appearing in his fourth video for Brendon and this kid has all the earmarks of a star. Sweet demeanor, lanky frame and HUGE cock! Something keeps bringing this young stud back to Brendon's studio and it isn't just the money he gets paid. He likes sex and the girlfriend just isn't enough at this point.
Release Date: 12/16/05 Plugged part 1: Chad Featuring: Brendon Marley, Chad
This cute young straight guy has a boyish body, smooth as silk. Brendon kneels down to eat some more straight guy cock, but this time with Joey facing away so his sweet ass fills the camera. He pumps his hips to shove his sweet meat down Brendon's throat. Brendon orders another guy to step up and whip it out. Chad walks over near Joey and pulls down his shorts. He immediately starts to bring life to his cock. These two guys are going to do things they've never done before.
Release Date: 03/11/05 Jizz Junkie: Joey, Chad Featuring: Joey, Brendon Marley, Chad
In the next scene, we see a young kid lounging in the sauna of Brendon's favorite spa. Chad has one of the longest schlongs you've ever seen, and it's still soft!! Chad's a willing neophyte for Brendon's brand of kink. The M.C. immediately lies down in front of the gifted boy to accept his cock into his throat. Chad's ass faces the camera as he dips his cock into Brendon's pussy of a mouth. Brendon purrs like a cat as his throat fills with the girth of the swelling cock.
Release Date: 01/16/04 Heavy Loads: Chad Featuring: Brendon Marley, Chad