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goatee luver (12/24/16):
why isn't this video scratch 'n' sniff? those hairy legs are lickable!


<p>We love the come back kid. We can't count the number of straight guys who have returned to Brendon's studio even when they know there won't be a chick to fi-lay. Dylan showed up some time ago in the California Hardwood series, and he's back to chill and leave a load. With green eyes, the hairiest asshole in town, and a nice big dick, he lets Brendon jack him off, but he still won't let another guy suck him. His cock gets super hard while he watches some pussy porn. He might not cum in Brendon's mouth, but he does the next best thing. He turns upside down and aims for his own mouth. Watch as he shoots his wad all over himself and licks up the remains.</p>
Release Date: 08/31/16 The Devil Made Me Shoot It: Dylan Featuring: Brendon Marley, Dylan
<p>The artist and musician in Dylan is glimpsed immediately. The 26 year old has a sensitive side to his personality that almost belies his preference for women. Shaggy brown hair and green eyes frame a face that borders on pretty. Brendon goes for this type of guy in a big way. He's straight, (girlfriend at home) and looking for some extra cash to support his tech equipment addiction. With an ass covered in fuzzy fur, Dylan gets naked and hard watching some pussy porn in the studio. Brendon breaks the fourth wall by putting a handful of lube on Dylan's sweet, hard dick. The two guys tag team that cock until it erupts like a geyser. Is he going to tell his girlfriend about it? He might. He's just that kind of guy.</p>
Release Date: 04/06/16 California Hardwood: Dylan Featuring: Brendon Marley, Dylan