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<p>Many things have changed in the five years since Gavin last appeared in our videos. But could he have aged 10 years? If you do a bit of detective work, you'll find that in his earlier appearance, Gavin claimed to be 21 years old. Today he says he was here five years ago and is now 31 years old. Hmmm? A world traveler, this ginger haired hottie has an electric smile that lights up his blue eyes. What hasn't changed is his enormous cock. It still responds to Brendon's mouth and just maybe is a little bigger than we remember. That giant vein running down the top of his shaft feeds the beast. Gavin is now more daring too; sucking dick for the first time ever. Like everything in life, experience is key. Gavin is hungry for experience.</p>
Release Date: 08/10/16 Nut Jobs: Gavin Featuring: Brendon Marley, Gavin
Gavin likes anal sex with girls, but as he explains to Brendon, most of them won't let him up there cause his cock's too big. Aw...shucks. We'll just see about that. Brendon puts Gavin at ease and then some to get the clothes off of this sexy 21 year old. The camera practically crawls up Gavin's ass while his low hangers fill the screen like a 3-D movie. When Brendon greases up that fuck pole Gavin gives up control and sits back to enjoy the ride. He gets so turned on by Brendon's oral talents that when Brendon says, 'give it to me', he sprays his load. This young kid is dynamite.
Release Date: 09/21/11 Dick Fix: Gavin Featuring: Brendon Marley, Gavin