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<p>Since it's autumn we're celebrating homecoming, just like colleges all over the country. Alumni find their way back to the studio where a favorite 'professor' peaked their interest in life sciences. Glenn graduated a couple of years ago from the Cocks and Robbers department. (see series online) From the looks of things, he's been successful; shirt and tie, firm handshake, perfect smile. But he can't wait to get those clothes off and wave his diploma in Brendon's face. Suck this professor Marley! This scene is a few degrees north of sizzling. Well taught!</p>
Release Date: 11/11/15 Dreamin Of Semen: Glenn Featuring: Brendon Marley, Glenn
Direct from Nashville, Glenn stole away on the first train out of there because he needed to get nasty. San Francisco is a young guy's paradise. Night life, willing girls and strange ways. Just what he was looking for. And today he gets a blow job that he will never forget. They can probably hear him moaning all the way back to Tennessee. If he didn't already have a crew cut, this would curl his hair!
Release Date: 08/28/13 Cocks & Robbers: Glenn Featuring: Brendon Marley, Glenn