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Coloradodude (10/22/16):
Hot dude, great body and cock, handsome face but the dreads have got to go. Give him a good hairstyle and this dude could be very popular.

matt (06/13/16):
WOW! What a find!


<p>Weighing in at 160 pounds of lean, sculpted perfection, Hale will make your knees weak. This outdoor enthusiast keeps in shape by surfing, boarding, and just generally riding the crest of his mellow vibe. With cheek bones high and ball sack looow, Hale is not getting out of the studio unscathed. Check out the dreadlocks that fall just over his light green eyes. When he turns around, his ass is a perfect 10. Brendon calms his nerves and moves in for a closer look. When Hale doesn't flinch at being touched, Brendon goes for it, sucking on that thick, hard pole. The only thing that could make this scene any better happens just the way you'd expect. A power blast of shooting cum. Hale... and hearty!</p>
Release Date: 04/20/16 California Hardwood: Hale Featuring: Brendon Marley, Hale