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Brendon calls this scene 'chisel and sizzle'. Jacob has the bone structure of a runway model, chiseled like fine steel. Geo is our go-to bottom but today he sizzles as a raunchy top. Turn the tables and watch as Geo slams Jacob's sweet ass like the construction worker he is. From the couch to the wall, Jacob is butter in Geo's hands, moaning and groaning from the exquisite pain of getting fucked. Jacob cums, then Geo, in what looks like the start of a wonderful friendship!
Release Date: 04/29/15 Crotch Watch: Jacob & Geo Featuring: Brendon Marley, Geo, Jacob
Jacob is back in the studio with Brendon. His long, lean, hairless torso just adds fuel to Brendon's fire. The easy banter between the two guys is titillating to the older man. When Jacob shares his fantasies, Brendon acquires some new ones of his own. He wants to get his hands on Jacob's beautiful, thick cock today and stroke it. With a very understanding girlfriend at home, Jacob can sit back and enjoy the attention... guilt free. You'll enjoy it too!
Release Date: 03/04/15 Crotch Watch: Jacob Featuring: Brendon Marley, Jacob
Chiseled from stone and brought to life simply by wishing it so, Brendon creates a young man of surpassing beauty. Jacob has sculpted features that would make Mount Rushmore blush. Blue eyes of magnificent depth and lips succulent as a ripe peach. Skin the color and texture of alabaster, and guess what? A big cock. Admittedly bi-sexual, (he has a long time girl friend) Jacob isn't letting Brendon get as close as he'd like. But as the porn video works it's magic, Brendon's hand enters the shot and strokes Jacob's gorgeous dick. Eyes wide shut!
Release Date: 01/14/15 Seed Money: Jacob Featuring: Brendon Marley, Jacob