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<p>Three's a crowd, and that's definitely the point in the My Husband Sucks series. Alana and her studly husband, Ajay, like to spice up their non-conventional marriage and Brendon likes to be the chef that picks the spice. But today he lets Alana stir the pot and she has brought along their neighbor, Leo. He's probably been peeking through the curtains, cause he knows this couple is kinky. And he's down for some kink! Leo is stunning in his own right; muscular, endowed and horny, he responds to direction very well. His cock is a perfect match for Ajay, and soon the hungry husband is getting to know his neighbor very well indeed. With a mouthful of pussy and a rock hard dick, Leo is anybody's target. Bulls eye!</p>
Release Date: 06/08/16 My Husband Sucks: Ajay, Alana, & Leo Featuring: Alana, Leo, Ajay