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<p>In a pairing of North and South, Brendon brings Mario and Andrew together and lets nature take its course. These two young bucks have plenty of nature stirring in their loins and Andrew is quick to taste the pleasures of Mario's cock. The handsome and mysterious Mario has a thick Latino dick that is hardened like steel but goes down easy. Andrew's cock may be slightly longer and curves down, so Mario seems eager to return the favor. After some mutual sucking, Mario takes possession of Andrew's soft, silky ass and pummels it with his fuck stick. Andrew's moans and cries bring no pity as Mario continues to shove his hard flesh into the willing hole. All that pumping causes Andrew to spew like a geyser. Stand back!</p>
Release Date: 06/07/17 Hard To Swallow: Andrew & Mario Featuring: Andrew, Brendon Marley, Mario
<p>Last time we saw Mario he was just a scrawny kid with a big dick. Now, at 25 years old, he's 'all growed up'! and just as pretty as his cock. He's more talkative now too, telling Brendon what he's been up to and how his girlfriend just can't get enough of that shlong. Hard to believe any girl could deep throat this stud, but he assures us she can. She loves it in the butt too. And if you recall, that's where Brendon wanted it all those years ago. Today Brendon just wants to gnaw on that bone, and almost chokes doing it. 25 year-old man-cock sure tastes good. Feels good too! Mario is ready to sign up for weekly sessions.</p>
Release Date: 03/29/17 Hard To Swallow: Mario Featuring: Brendon Marley, Mario
Summer lovin, had me a blast! Cary, the cutie with a bootie, is finding city life one big playground. He can't stop smiling today as Brendon introduces the 'super bottom' to one of our favorites from Take A Load Off. Mario is the quiet Latin type who doesn't say much, but carries a big dick. Cary's itching to find out just how big and Brendon baits him just so long until he tells the hungry, horny kid to have at it. Cary uses his mouth to take the measure of the man and before you know it, he's mounting Mario's fat cock. His smile temporarily takes a detour as the pain of insertion puts a different expression on his face.
Release Date: 08/20/14 The Skin Game: Mario & Cary Featuring: Brendon Marley, Mario, Cary
If you're beginning to think Brendon likes to have Brent around, you would be right on. Big cocks seem to attract other big cocks and today Brent gets to play with one of the big boys. Mario is a stunner who has knocked on our door before, so we know his quiet manner is just a front. When Brent can't seem to take the whole enchilada, Brendon strides in to bat clean up. And when he can't get this fat motha fucker down his throat his eyes well up. Tears of joy my friend, tears of joy.
Release Date: 09/04/13 Cocks & Robbers: Mario & Brent Featuring: Brent, Brendon Marley, Mario
What do you get when you cross a quiet, yet very sexy Hispanic guy with the hungriest ass in town? You get an ass full of Mario. Geo continues to amaze us with his perky ass and willing attitude. He never says no to a big cock, and Mario has a BIG COCK! "Right on", says Geo as Mario plows into him like spring planting back on the farm. Mario goes at it like a soldier, fucking and thrusting until Geo pops like a balloon, his cum flying everywhere. Geo, like the man he is, cums big and then goes silent. And he's only 20.......... there's more where that came from.
Release Date: 05/16/12 Take A Load Off: Geo & Mario Featuring: Brendon Marley, Mario, Geo
Still waters run deep. In Mario's case they also run thick! This chill dude has a girlfriend at home and a secret desire to star in porn. Brendon loves secrets and he aims to make this a good one. Mario will likely never tell his girlfriend that some older dude sucked his fat Hispanic dick. This 20 year old stares straight ahead at the porn video while getting serviced and hardly says a word. His dick does all the talking. Un-cut and un-censored, this scene is classic Brendon Marley. And hats off to that!
Release Date: 05/02/12 Take A Load Off: Mario Featuring: Brendon Marley, Mario