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shooter (01/27/21):
Damn, Pierce really got into deep throating Willem. Surely he'd been practising. Come back Pierce!!!!!!

archie77 (10/18/19):

DCH20!9 (06/26/19):
Gotta have more of Pierce. He’s so sexually bursting he leaves you panting.

Cummlover (06/05/19):
Definitely should see more of Pierce! He’s Hott and has the most beautiful eyes :) great chemistry Brendon. He should definitely get fucked deep with Brendon’s cock and Brendon should ride him also. Too sexy not to see more of soon

billyclub (05/25/19):
Pierce is so hot I want to see him get ridden hard and put away wet !!

justadad (03/03/19):
Hot man, incredible eyes and delivers unbelievable chemistry with Brendon.

Woody (10/06/17):
What a sexy man. A 10 all the way. Be nice to see more of him.

ash (03/23/17):
wish you could pair him with Cary and Geo. Please make it happen

furlover (12/31/16):
Pierce is one of the hottest guys on here - wish he would back and do some scenes!

jjborg (07/14/16):
Pierce is so hot and willing to do anything i would love to see more with him