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timber (03/07/24):
This has got to be one of the hottest finds you've ever made! He's gorgeous from head to toe, and THOSE EYES!!! And he seems willing to do ANYTHING! His first video when he seemed to want you to kiss him I was hoping you would lock lips and go for it! I HOPE we get to see him fuck you, like he asked you to let him do ... just half of it ... but hopefully ALL OF IT!!! Loyal fan! Brendon I LOVE when you haul your cock out!!! You're so fucking hot and sexy!!!

shooter (01/27/21):
Damn, Pierce really got into deep throating Willem. Surely he'd been practising. Come back Pierce!!!!!!

archie77 (10/18/19):

DCH20!9 (06/26/19):
Gotta have more of Pierce. He’s so sexually bursting he leaves you panting.

Cummlover (06/05/19):
Definitely should see more of Pierce! He’s Hott and has the most beautiful eyes :) great chemistry Brendon. He should definitely get fucked deep with Brendon’s cock and Brendon should ride him also. Too sexy not to see more of soon

billyclub (05/25/19):
Pierce is so hot I want to see him get ridden hard and put away wet !!

justadad (03/03/19):
Hot man, incredible eyes and delivers unbelievable chemistry with Brendon.

Woody (10/06/17):
What a sexy man. A 10 all the way. Be nice to see more of him.

ash (03/23/17):
wish you could pair him with Cary and Geo. Please make it happen

furlover (12/31/16):
Pierce is one of the hottest guys on here - wish he would back and do some scenes!

jjborg (07/14/16):
Pierce is so hot and willing to do anything i would love to see more with him