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srryricky2 (06/16/17):
Literally, the best. Randy isn't just hot but his reactions are amazing

abelsil (12/17/16):
more of randy please!!

abelsil (11/14/16):
love these kind of men more please.


<p>If you went to college, chances are there was a fraternity on campus. You may have belonged to it, or maybe just lusted after the guys who lived in it. They were notorious partiers, beer drinkers, and studs. Randy is right out of your fraternity fantasy. Good looking in an all-American way, built tough, like a Ford truck, and looking for a good time. College taught him a lot of things, and today Brendon is going to test his knowledge, if not his parameters. You'll remember Randy from a couple of months ago. Seeking adventure he wandered into the studio, sniffing tail. He jerked off for the camera in what he thought was an audition. Brendon just couldn't line up a date. Damn! Hoping for a different result today, Randy came back. It's a different result alright, but not the one he hoped for. Watching pussy porn makes his dick goes up, and after some nervous chatter, the director goes down! Randy's look tells you he'd rather be somewhere else, with someone else. But the final grade is an A when the dude spills the beans into Brendon's waiting mouth. Collect your diploma, dude!</p>
Release Date: 09/14/16 The Devil Made Me Shoot It: Randy Featuring: Brendon Marley, Randy
<p>Boyish looking at 30, Randy has the Virginia charm and shy appeal that Brendon goes for. His light brown hair dusts his chest and belly, making a nice target for him to aim his dick at. Brendon asks him to talk nasty and Randy takes the bait. Stroking his rock hard cock and losing himself in the porn video, Randy imagines he's starring in Brendon's next production. And he is! No matter how you slice it, this is some tasty Virginia ham!</p>
Release Date: 06/22/16 Nut Jobs: Randy Featuring: Brendon Marley, Randy