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<p>You couldn't find a sweeter, cleaner cut kid than Ted if you were looking in church. He'd be next to you in the pew, singing hymns with his Mom and Dad. After all, he's only 19 years old. But I don't think you'll find Ted on Sunday mornings... unless you're looking in your daughter's bedroom. Cause she dragged him home last night to get fucked by his massive cock. As he explains, he was a shy kid till he sprouted that tool and blossomed into the gunslinger he is today. His 'smooth as a baby's ass' skin and green eyes have Brendon dancing around the studio, moving in to put lube on his dick and stroking it while Ted's defenses are down. But his cock is UP and doesn't go down till he shoots a beautiful load. Amen!!</p>
Release Date: 05/11/16 Nut Jobs: Ted Featuring: Ted, Brendon Marley