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Horndog (04/03/17):
Someody please tell me where and how I can find hot, masculine, straight men like Brendon does.

adrianD (03/18/17):
all male this guy, a rock star cock, and he's funny

rimjock (09/12/16):
God, such a stud. More footage of eating that beautiful ass please!

trakk (06/21/16):
Is he coming back? Time for more!

Lil Devil (05/09/16):
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f (04/24/16):


<p>Trace is a workingman, tree trimmer, blue-collar dude. But if you look real close you'll see he's got a red neck... literally. That's from working in the sun, swinging his axe and felling trees. But the rest of him is white as snow and marble smooth. He's been in the studio before; check out ''Cream Dreams''. You're not likely to forget him and Brendon sure didn't. So when he came calling, we opened the door... WIDE. Trace hardly ever gets head from his girlfriend, so when Brendon wraps his mouth around that fat dick, he's in seventh heaven. A finger up the ass really gets this bronco buckin'. Feel the heat, cause this scene sizzles!</p>
Release Date: 03/08/17 Hard To Swallow: Trace Featuring: Brendon Marley, Trace
Brendon tried to chop this arborist down to size in the Cream Dream series, but Trace wasn't ready to fall. Tall as an Oak and light as an Aspen, Trace does the kind of work that builds strong bodies, but in his down time he hunts the forest for 'pussy' willow. In this scene Brendon has Trace relaxed and horny watching some video porn, so when Brendon goes down to lick his big nuts, Trace surrenders to the older guy. Watch his fat cock disappear down the wily throat of the master. This is 'gay for pay' the American way!
Release Date: 09/23/15 Cum To Daddy: Trace Featuring: Brendon Marley, Trace
Somewhere out there is a tree quaking in it's bark, cause this hunky lumberjack is gonna cut her down. Trace is just the man for the job. Tall, lanky and built to fuck, this dude is one horny tree trimmer. Probably more comfortable buying a round of beers for the guys, today Trace is looking for some trouble. He didn't count on some older dude playing with his shit, but after Brendon tongues his hole, Trace has to admit it feels damn good. By the time Brendon's through with him, Trace is bucking up and down like he's riding the bull. And that's no shit!
Release Date: 07/29/15 Cream Dreams: Trace Featuring: Brendon Marley, Trace