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dan (07/10/17):
he is hot as fuck, but I want him to get eaten and thn fucked! Be so Hot

T (05/31/17):
Amazing guy

leporellobcn (04/23/17):
One of the site's best models. Will he ever be fingered and fucked? Can't wait to see that!


<p>Brendon's years of experience, human insight and unquenchable libido culminate in this scene. Cultivating his friendship with Wyatt, the bashful former Navy man, has created a trust that brings the big stud back to the studio year after year. Now raising a daughter, Wyatt needs the financial help that a studio gig can offer. On the other side of the couch is the 6 foot 4 inch, 20 year old with 9.5 inches of youthful vigor... Tommy. He's more loquacious in his fourth studio visit and the presence of another straight guy seems to relax him. This pairing is like mixing the finest grapes in the world to create a wine of unsurpassed quality. Drink it slowly and enjoy every sip.</p>
Release Date: 07/20/16 Nut Jobs: Wyatt & Tommy Featuring: Tommy, Brendon Marley, Wyatt
<p>Nobody compares to Wyatt in the 'awe shucks' department. Gee, how'd I get here? I'm so nervous I can hardly keep my pants on. I shouldn't really suck your cock, but, OK! When the blood isn't flushing his cheeks, it's making a pretty good argument for a big fat hard-on. This ex sailor has always had the welcome mat at Brendon's studio and we hope he'll be coming back for a long time to come. These two old friends share a few war stories before they get down to the business at hand. And Wyatt's still the loudest cummer we know.</p>
Release Date: 10/28/15 Dreamin Of Semen: Wyatt Featuring: Brendon Marley, Wyatt
We're beginning to think that Wyatt, our sexy seaman, has taken up permanent residence in Brendon's studio. The bashful stud has returned for more shenanigans and he looks better than ever. Tall and dark with a military demeanor, he couldn't look more different from the gentleman at his side. Chambers is new to the scene and quite an eyeful, but looks like a throw back to the Haight Ashbury of 40 years ago. Long hair pulled back and a scruffy beard belie his chiseled torso and mouth watering legs. What could these two guys possibly have in common? You'll soon find out. They strip down to their skivvies and then some before Wyatt takes the reins and lubes up Chambers' cock. Wyatt's huge dick throbs as he starts to suck off his hippie friend. Chambers shoots first in this crazy match up and then Brendon moves in to finish off Wyatt. Kinda knew he had that in mind from the start.
Release Date: 01/07/15 Seed Money: Wyatt & Chambers Featuring: Brendon Marley, Chambers, Wyatt
Like a lucky penny, Wyatt turns up when least expected. He's always one of Brendon's favorite guys cause every time Wyatt's cock responds to Brendon's mouth, getting thicker and fatter while he moans with pleasure. After so many encounters Brendon needs to up the ante, so a reluctant Wyatt sucks the director's dick! It's obvious that he's not all that into it, but he goes along cause he's just such a good guy. You can teach an old dog new tricks. Roll over and play sexy!
Release Date: 11/28/12 Straight Guy Heaven: Wyatt Featuring: Brendon Marley, Wyatt
It's all been said before about this starkly handsome, winningly shy sexual veteran from the Navy, but this scene is bittersweet. Wyatt has decided to 're-up'. He misses the adventure, the challenges and the rewards of serving his country. And since he met Brendon, a light bulb has gone off over his head that below decks can be as exciting as being on duty. No doubt he will unsheathe his mighty sword to allow fellow sailors to pleasure him. And in his going away party scene, you'll see him give his favorite instructor a much deserved hand job. Basic training has never been so much FUN!
Release Date: 08/08/12 Breeder Fever: Wyatt Featuring: Brendon Marley, Wyatt
We're pairing the always horny Wyatt with a new recruit today. Cooper is slim, inked and game for a two way, man on man scene. Wyatt is the shy, former Navy man who Brendon is so enamored with that Wyatt is on the permanent guest list. Because he's gorgeous and his cock always performs. He's shy until the camera goes on and his dick gets hard. Cooper has to jam that muthafucker down his throat, but he goes for it. Who wouldn't? These guys follow Brendon's directions until Wyatt lets go of his load. Nice job Coop.
Release Date: 02/29/12 Take A Load Off: Cooper & Wyatt Featuring: Brendon Marley, Cooper, Wyatt
What is it about Wyatt that Brendon keeps bringing him back? Could it be his butch looks or his big thick dick? Maybe it's the fact that he refuses to fuck Brendon. Well...Until today that is! Brendon bends over and Wyatt gives him the ultimate pounding that he's been waiting for!
Release Date: 04/20/11 You Wanna Put That Where: Wyatt Featuring: Brendon Marley, Wyatt
Why does this Navy veteran, STUD keep returning to the studio when clearly Brendon is not going to provide a chick for him to fuck? Could be the nervous sexual energy that propels him through our door time and again for blow jobs from a pro. He`s 6 foot 5 inches of pure, hard glory. His cock responds to Brendon`s touch and this time his ass gets a licking that keeps Wyatt ticking..........like a time bomb. When he finally blows his load, Wyatt feels like he`s been to the gym. It`s a workout with beautiful results.
Release Date: 03/09/11 Straight Up: Wyatt Featuring: Brendon Marley, Wyatt
Round 2 shows Brendon at a BIG advantage. Wyatt is the handsome former Navy hunk who did his first blow job with a guy at the studio a few weeks ago, but he`s back!! He knows he`s not going to get off (pardon the pun) that easy this time. Watch as he stutters and stammers his way into the scene, nervous as all hell cause Brendon clearly has the upper hand. But when the clothes come off, Wyatt begins to relax. Brendon`s warm mouth is familiar territory and when Wyatt`s dick gets serviced, he`s happy. But Brendon wants more. He wants to get Navy fucked. Wyatt gets the condom on, but decides to go AWOL when push comes to shove. He can`t fuck a guy.......not yet!
Release Date: 10/01/10 Discharged: Wyatt Returns Featuring: Brendon Marley, Wyatt
Some men are just plain gorgeous. Ex-Navy man Wyatt is one of them. Jet black hair and a dusty goatee set off Wyatt`s blue eyes to perfection. His warehouse job has paid off cause his body is lean and muscular. His cock aint so lean. It`s pretty fat in fact, and after he strokes it to a rock hard erection Brendon plays a brand new tune on it. Whistle while you work Brendon, whistle while you work!
Release Date: 09/10/10 Discharged: Wyatt Featuring: Brendon Marley, Wyatt