Dreamin Of Semen: Clint
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Clint, a firefighter with a kinky side is an all American man's man. As if his blond hair, blue eyes and strong, beefy body weren't enough, his big, thick cock provides great practice for the hoses he uses at work, and a challenge for Brendon's throat. But as the sex heats up, the chief saves the day and puts out Clint's fire with his masterful mouth and a geyser of spooge.

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E (10/26/17):
Yummy!! So beefy and delicious! Please bring him back and ask him to take off his shirt, please!!

f (04/24/16):

BADASS365 (01/24/16):
Bring him back soon and often

Tenor bravado6 (01/18/16):
This was amazing. Clint is HELLA HOT!! Can't wait to see him again!

I actually found Clint a few years ago. He attended the AVN (Adult Video News) conference in Las Vegas on the days it was open to the public as part of the time it's industry people only. I used to have a booth there and the parties, especially the 'private' parties, were wild. I happened to stop for Starbucks in the hotel we were in when there was barely a place to sit, so I wound up next to this big, hunky dude Clint and his buddy, both firefighters from a city not too far from Las Vegas - but I promised Clint not to identify the city or state. Anyway, what do you talk about other than pussy when you're sitting with two straight guys at a Starbucks where everyone is there for a sex convention. I asked why they came, and of course it was to see the ladies of porn (and I'm sure in the backs of their minds to see if they could have a threesome with one). I explained that I made all kinds of porn, straight, bi, etc, without going into a lot of detail. I said to them that they both look like they could throw a good fuck and as long as they had the right equipment, might make some extra money doing some porn. They kind of laughed it off. Anyway, I gave them both my card and told them to call me if they planned to visit San Francisco or if they wanted to make a movie. Believe it or not, it didn't take but an hour and I get this hurried call from Clint, ''can I see you about doing some work for you, I have some questions about pay and...'' I saw an opportunity, so I cut him off, gave him my room number, and told him to call me 30 minutes before he can meet me at my room. We met later in the day, without his buddy,and he said he didn't have much time. He wanted to know what kind of porn, I told him about Alana and Ajay and showed him their photos and he said he was ''open'' to trying something like that. I didn't want to scare him off, but I wasn't going to let him out of there without getting a little something. So, I told him I didn't want to waste his time or mine - ''so strip down and jack off for me, so I can see what you got''. He throws off his clothes, I turn on the adult preview channel, which seemed to be enough since he was so excited to be doing such a clandestine, nasty thing while his buddy is waiting for him back in their room, and he jacked off a load as he stood in front of me. As he says he's ready to cum, he asks ''where should I let it go''. I cup my hand and put it in front of his cock and without a word he let's go with a huge load, spurt after spurt landing in my outstretched hand. I tried not to lose any of it, but there was so much and it came some hard that some dripped off onto the floor. He was in a real rush, so he just took a tissue and wiped his cock, shoved it back in his underwear, pulled on his jeans and t-shirt and out the door. I quickly pulled my shorts down, lubed my cock with that big hunky, straight firefighter's cum and jacked off my own load as I licked the remains off my hand. I didn't hear from him from a long while and pretty much wrote him off - and then out of nowhere he calls me and you'll see what happened in this week's video.

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