My Husband Sucks:Ajay/Alana/Dalton
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Big Red, little bed, mucho head! Dalton is lured back to the studio with the promise of real pussy. The strapping ginger-haired straight dude is Brendon's idea of HOT! Chiseled torso and movie star looks are just two of his attributes. Ajay and Alana trip the light fantastic with another in a series of encounters with a horny, hunky hetero. We don't know who's having more fun here, the nasty wife, her cock sniffing hubby or the beefy bachelor. She's getting a cornucopia of priapic delights, Ajay's getting a mouthful of real dude dick and Dalton's getting laid with no strings attached. He doesn't even have to pay for dinner. Brendon conducts this symphony of 'skin and boners' till Dalton sprays himself with his own cum and Ajay lets his load fly on his wife's ass. We think she's the lucky one!

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Oceanman (09/04/19):
Dalton is one hot dude. Like the entire video.

NIck304 (11/21/18):
I'm really loving these scenes! What a lucky girl to have a husband that let's other men fuck her. It's so cute when husband and wife fight over who gets to suck cock next! LOL!

I've been waiting to see super hot and manly Dalton return and fuck a chick. I was really horny to see his hot butt pumping like crazy as he jammed his cock into some pussy. I was also excited to see his reaction to getting sucked and frotted by another guy. Dalton really loves fucking pussy, but I found out after watching this threesome, Ajay, his wife Alana and Dalton, that he really,really loves eating pussy - well, to each his own. You definitely get to see what a hunk Dalton is standing next to Ajay - now Ajay is hottie on his own with a nice body and big cock - but Dalton is 100% big and handsome and hunky. Alana was just loving on Dalton. She nearly swoons when I ask her what she thinks of him "gorgeous...he's so muscly" she says as she prods one of his thick pecs. Dalton was admittedly nervous and he knew Ajay at some point would touch his cock and eventually suck it. This is the very first time he's been involved in a real sexual situation where a dude sucks his cock which made him nervous and quiet at first. Ajay is a horny fucker, he loves pussy, but likes a dick every once in a while too and you can tell how he's just as turned on by Dalton as his wife Alana is. When the video starts out Ajay throws his arm around Dalton's shoulder and almost forces the sexy ginger to lay back into his body. I thought that was crazy hot in itself. Then we broke Dalton in slowly, we had him eat Alana out while he was unable to see Ajay stroke his cock and also rubbed his cock against Dalton's. Same with Ajay sucking Dalton's cock at first - we made sure Dalton couldn't see that either. Then it was game time and we did everything to push the man to man stuff right in his face ... literally, like when Ajay stands legs wide open over Dalton's head as his wife sucks cock while being fucked cowgirl style by Dalton. Dalton eventually gets to watch his cock being sucked by a dude, his balls played with etc, but having a girl around kind of made it okay for this ALL MAN hunk. Huge cum shots at the end, only thing I was sorry about was that I wasn't on my hands and knees swallowing it all down. Even if you don't like watching girls in porn - just knowing that it's Dalton's first time with a dude will probably get you off! Don't miss it.

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