Dreamin Of Semen: Burton
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We met Burton this past summer when he was newly arrived to the city. His Louisiana chill and bedroom eyes were the perfect antidote to a hot July day. Check out that scene in Cream Dreams and compare it to the Burton we find in the studio today. He's gone feral and looks a bit 'duck dynasty'. Scruffy sexy. There's no pressure to 'fit in' in this bohemian jungle. Fly your freak flag from the highest pole. Burton loves to get his joint sucked and has discovered he likes dick too. That's cool. No labels. We won't tell his girlfriend. She might not understand.

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dance (05/03/17):
Super sexy! One of my favorits. Please more of him!

david (06/26/16):
damn that precum was hot at beginning

ManwhoreSAF (11/11/15):
Tradar, I've been a member myself for a few years and love the majority of guys featured on this site! Burton's first video was super hot and I was excited to see him get off. This one however, Burton give the most boring head and just doesn't seem that into it. Belive me, I love the average straight guy and am not into the gym bunny type!

Leeland (11/11/15):
Very hot. More please?

Tradar (11/11/15):
Manwhore, I've been a member on and off for at least 15 years and understand Brendon and I have similar tastes. It's not about pretty gym boys, it's about straight guys, nasty sex, and all kinds of regular guys including street trade like Burton. I find it a total turn on! I pick up trade in Ft Lauderdale all the time and find it totally exciting. The hunt, a little danger, and some of the hottest experiences I've ever had. Different strokes for different folks. Plenty of fake straight gym bunnies on most of these other sites. Brendon, keep up the great work!

ManwhoreSAF (11/10/15):
This is seriously the most boring video I've seen on this site.. Burton shows up looking like he's crawled out from a dumpster and give the lamest head I've seen in a long time!!! Come on Brendon you can do sooo much better than that!

DonaldDick (11/05/15):
I love scruffy, straight, willing (for cash) street trade like Burton. Just give me an hour or two with him. Anyone with me, or am I the only one?

Burton, the southern country boy from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, makes his first return appearance this week. Last here several months ago, I learned a lot about him. If you remember his was 24 (just turned 25) and he's basically a bit of a drifter. From job to job and place to place, he and his girlfriend take things day to day whether living in a dumpy motel or sleeping in an abandoned building, he says they're happy as can be. You might also remember how kinky this guy is. Remember, I met him at fetish party where his girlfriend had him in a dog collar and was walking him around on a leash and when I mentioned my website and the possibility of Burton doing a video, she said take him, do what you want and send him home with cash. And, that's just what I did. I fooled around with him, played with his butt and his perfectly proportioned body (he should really be an art model) and drank a hot load out of him. Burton likes anything to do with sex, he likes straight porn, bi porn, gay porn, tranny porn. So, this time I put on some gay porn, a demo disk I got in the mail - I get them all the time, and he got hard without any problems. He's got a great dick. As soon as he gets hard you'll see the clear precum dripping. I keep scooping it up on my finger and swallow it down. So, then I had him turn over and that ass is a piece of art, not a blemish on it, a perfect ass, I couldn't resist shoving my tongue in as far as I could. I would've stayed there for a half hour if I didn't think it would bore you guys watching. Anyway, I'm all horned up by then, so I unzip and shove my cock in his mouth. He's happy enough to suck me off. I start jacking my cock and ask him where he wants me to cum - ''on my tongue...in my mouth'', so I let it go and drench his tongue. He's not a swallower, so he just lets it drip out. I'm feeling good, so I work on his cock for a while and then finally let him jack off a big load. He's a hoot and a half, I love fucking around with that sexy stud, even though he looks like he could be living in a cardboard box behind 7/11. He's actually a very nice guy and I paid him more than I would normally since I knew he was ''between jobs'' and I wish him the best of luck - he picked a rough and tumble life - you'll hear more about it in the Outtakes. Enjoy!

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