Dreamin Of Semen: Glenn
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Since it's autumn we're celebrating homecoming, just like colleges all over the country. Alumni find their way back to the studio where a favorite 'professor' peaked their interest in life sciences. Glenn graduated a couple of years ago from the Cocks and Robbers department. (see series online) From the looks of things, he's been successful; shirt and tie, firm handshake, perfect smile. But he can't wait to get those clothes off and wave his diploma in Brendon's face. Suck this professor Marley! This scene is a few degrees north of sizzling. Well taught!

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Scooterman1234 (06/28/18):
Glenn is absolutely with the membership to this site alone. He is hot, sexy and kind.... everything you could want from a man.... Would love to see him back someday... he is incredible!

plasticlover (10/08/17):
Glenn is one HOT man...really HOT video...Glenn does everything to please Brendon....then Brendon does everything to please Glenn...Glenn is a nice and handsome man with a killer body!!!

Ken (09/03/17):
What a super hot man and great personality.

pullman (05/05/17):
Glenn is perfection

dance (05/03/17):
S E X Y !!! Horny guy, love to see more of him.

Citric (12/21/16):
I love pits when you are sucking his cock, thats so sexy !!!

Budinheat (01/05/16):
Brandon, this was hot. Wish you would have come in his face.

Jules (12/16/15):
I love this guy, and would like to see more of him! What's with the socks, though? No more socks please!

withit (11/28/15):
Love how Glenn is watching Brendon stroke, and it makes him cum!

Carlos (11/27/15):
I loooove his briefs. If you can get these guys into sexy briefs while u service them…that would be awesome.

Chuck (11/12/15):

Steve (11/11/15):
Bare feet....Bare feet ...Bare feet please....dude, it is so easy to get a good foot shot of these guys...Please Bare feet!

I was so happy to see Glenn return. He was last on the site a few years ago in the 'Cocks & Robbers' series. He's now 28, blond and has a real hunky body, kind of a jock body. He didn't have much time, this like his prior video, had to be completed within his lunch hour (that's why he's in dress clothes and a tie) with time to spare so he can clean up and get back to work. Last time he came and some flew into his eye and we had to get the red out before he went back to work - LOL. When he stripped down this time I could tell that he toned up and packed some more muscle on his country boy body. Glenn was originally from Nashville, TN, and went to college in Boston. Now, I'm not fooling anyone, so you'll guess real quick that Glenn ain't so straight. He really wasn't sure about his sexuality when he moved from Nashville to San Francisco, but his reason for moving was to explore his kinky side, since there's nothing much doing where he lived outside Nashville, and he just had too many bible thumping family members that lived in the area to feel secure about being himself at that point. He experimented just a little in college and liked it, but this time when I saw his underwear with "Nasty Pig" emblazoned on the waistband, I was really laughing to myself. San Francisco really brought out the 'nasty' in him. I really didn't mind, as a matter of fact he might be working for me soon and sucking some straight dick on camera soon enough. Well, if this was a job interview for an assistant, holy shit, I'd be interviewing him every day. I sucked his cock, fucked him a bit and he sucked my cock, it was total heaven. I usually don't enjoy sex with a gay dude, but this boy is just too hot with his athletic body, firm butt and long, thick cock. I told him on camera that it was the best time I've had in quite a while. Check out his first video and see how nervous and inexperienced he was. Watch his eyes dart around watching my every move. Then compare it to his performance in this current video. Glenn, you've come a long way baby!

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