Dreamin Of Semen: Arizona
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We hesitate to use the word 'Superman' in describing any of our young friends, but when we saw Arizona for the first time the term nerd came to mind. So it is with that initial visual image and the fact that he literally transforms into a sexual athlete before your eyes that we claim this scene has super powers. The steady hand of a seasoned director works like magic to turn a nervous, kinda cute dude into a raging stud for hire. His huge cock is awesome and when he sees Brendon swallow that thing whole, the energy of this scene goes full throttle. This scene puts Arizona on the map as a destination state. But he isn't a state, he's a state of mind!

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alex (02/14/18):
Whoa! What an exhausting video!! Nothing better than a guy's body trembling wildly out of control. We feel every sweet moment of pure ecstacy here! Easily one of the best videos on this site! Take us back to Arizona soon!!

virpilosus (06/30/17):
The complete amateur-release-energy of this young man was totally mind-bending. A VERY hot video, and got me hard as a rock!

kenxxx (03/31/16):
Very hot video. Hope to see him again. Loved how excited he got. Would love to see him back fucking Geo or Carey.

SFLatin (01/01/16):
Hot man, hot video. You've got to get him back.

hotrip (11/30/15):
Arizona was incredible! One of the best scenes so far on the site. He was so hot, was a sexy dude! Great cock and ass. Loved how he went crazy. That's the best. Get him back so we can see more of Brendon eating his ass and making him so turned on. Please bring him back!!!

Blue (11/29/15):
Arizona is one of the best guys you have had on the site. He had the most amazing energy and seemed to be a real sweet guy. He is the total package. Humble, Sexy, and Big Dick. Get this guy back for more cum eating action. I love that he was willing to get in many positions. Would have like to see Brendon torture him a bit more during the cum eating. Excellent scene. Need more like this.

withit (11/28/15):
HOT! Great scene!

tex-boy (11/26/15):
Arizona is a tatal STUD!!! I loved the energy and excitement of this scene. It started out as a nervous, tentative interview, and ended up being fuckin' crazy! Watching him get so turned on was really hot! This guy has serious potential, and I hope he comes back for more adventurous sex. Arizona - you are one smokin' hot guy!!!

Holy crap! This week's straight dude, Arizona, looked like the biggest nerd when he walked into the studio. This is one of those cases I've told you about when I make contact with a guy and have him run right over for an 'audition'. It's never a guarantee, but I figure what the fuck - I haven't been disappointed too many times. So, Arizona comes walking in the door and for a second I thought he might be a new tenant in the building my studio is in or someone who found his way to the wrong door. I quickly realized he was there for me and I wasn't too happy. He's nice enough, but very nerdy looking and didn't seem to have much of a body under his clothes. What the hell, I'd just see how it went. It wouldn't be the first video that went in the garbage. Anyway, we got to talking and I quickly find out he's a single guy, never been married, no kids and lives in an apartment with a bunch of other people, including a female friend of his who's an amateur kickboxer. He tells me he's very nervous, but eventually calms down and start to interview him. I ask him where he goes when he needs to jack off. He says he has no privacy in the place, so he takes his phone, loads up some vanilla porn, as he described it, and jacks off in an alleyway between his building and the next. Only in San Francisco would you hear a story like that. Anyway, he's been living here in the city for 10 years, so you know he's picked up some kinks, but when things got going, I couldn't believe just how kinky this straight dude was, and just how far he ultimately let me go. Anyway, I have some pussy porn playing which he seems happy with and i can see a big, hard cock outlined in his pants. I asked him when was the last time he shot a load and he tells me about a week ago - this boy is super horny. I have him take off his shirt and I'm really surprised at how hot his body is. He then removes his pants and his cock is so heavy and big that it just falls out of his underwear. He lets me feel it up without flinching and soon I'm at him hot and heavy. He's got great legs an a hot little bubble butt. I start blowing him, I eat his ass as he pushes his hole onto my tongue and face and he keeps getting close to cumming, but I make him hold it back. I have him upside down in the chair and I eat his ass some more, I finger the guy's hole and give you boys a really good look at it all. finally he's laying back in the chair and I'm literally ramming two fingers into his hole and he's pushing back as I suck his cock. You hear the girls on the video squealing (sorry about that) and him and me moaning and finally he shoots a week's worth of spooge and I get as much as I can he my mouth. This nerdy 'vanilla' boy turned out to be one of the hottest times I've had in the studio in quite a while. I think you'll really enjoy this open minded straight, sex maniac, Arizona.

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