Dreamin Of Semen: Jaden Returns
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You asked for it and you got it. Jaden is back and Brendon is pushing harder than ever. To stay in shape, Jaden boxes, kayaks, and plays basketball, and his body has the lean, tight curves that result. A few weeks ago Brendon teased a load out of him, but today this 21 year-old gets a working over that will have him dizzy for a long time to come. Jaden's eyes roll back in his head and pleasure takes over his soul from the minute Brendon stakes his claim on that gorgeous dick. So much more to cum as Jaden gets his ass rimmed and eaten for the very first time. Watch it again when your blood pressure returns to normal!

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pullman (06/02/17):

have mercy (03/08/17):
i was really hoping he was going to take them socks off, maybe next vid.

Kenxxx (03/30/16):
This man has everything, great bod, handsome, masculine, and best of all - his dick.

hotrip (12/16/15):
what a HOT guy! please bring him back, but just alone with you. You have to show more of you eating his beautiful ass and driving him crazy! What a body, cock and ass. Got to more of all that!

Blue (12/13/15):
I have to say when Jaden says "take this dick" I almost lost my mind. That was fucking hot and his expressions were priceless. Like the previous guy stated and like I said in my earlier comment we need that standard deepthroat that you give in the chair with his legs wide open and the cum eating shot in that same position. Fans want that. That makes 2 requests to have Jaden back in the described scene. Make it happen Brendon. This Is by far the hottest guy you have had. I hope it can happen soon.

oneyedjacks (12/12/15):
the ultimate! The way he says "taking dick" is soo erotic I practically cum! You need your standard scene of you on the chair and him deep throat fucking you! everything about this guy is hot!

Blue (12/09/15):
OMG. I am soooo glad you god Jaden back so soon. I absolutely LOVE this guy. He is so amazing. His personality is what I love. We can see he is gorgeous and has an amazing dick. Jaden is one of the sexiest muthafuckas I have ever seen. He so chill it is ridiculous. Brendon please get him back soon and in a scene with only you again with a major deepthroat blowjob with him in the chair with his butt pushed to the end and legs wide open like it was when you were giving him head in this scene, but let the cum shot and cum eating be in that same position. Mainly so we as an audience can see the great cum eating of this this stud. Like before we see the first shot or two of cum then you go back down and deepthroat and suck him dry. Mainly to drive him crazy. When you are sucking him dry after he cums continue to suck a little longer. Please make this happen. Hold off on putting him with a couple because I would like for this scene to happen first, so it can be the PERFECT scene. 10's across the board for this scene. This guy's cum deserves to be eaten everytime.

When I asked Jaden at the end of this video ''is it what you thought it would be'', he says ''more than I bargained for''. After the last shoot, he admitted it was easy money, so I knew I'd hear from Jaden again. Sure enough, he called and wanted to know how soon I could hook him up with Alana. Even though I could've set that shoot up the next day, I wasn't letting him get off the hook so easily. If he wanted more money, I wanted more Jaden first. That boy is just hot as hell - 21 years old, a great natural body from kayaking, boxing and basketball among a lot of activities he participated in since he was a young boy...not to mention that huge, thick cock. And, those mesmerizing green eyes, have you ever seen anything like it? Anyway, I got my money's worth this time. I sucked that big penis, deepthroated that fucker (watch his face the first time get it all the way down - a total look of pleasure washes over him). I also turn him around and get my tongue in his crack a bit. Then I have him lay upside down with his legs up on the back of the chair and I eat the young, virgin hole like there's no tomorrow. I combine that with a blowjob and almost choke on that stud's hot load. I just could swallow it all there was so much spooge. Will he return for a go at husband and wife, Ajay and Alana? I can pretty much guarantee it. He's plenty horny, needs the money for child support and I guess will feel a little redeemed for what he did with me, by fucking some pussy.

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