Nut Jobs: Tommy Returns
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This scene really needs no explanation. Words are trivial when the meat is this substantial. Tommy got the rep for BMOC when a bunch of friends went skinny dipping in high school. After that, every girl in school wanted what Tommy has. You saw him just a few weeks ago going solo. Now, Brendon deep throats that massive prick for the first time ever! It takes several attempts to find the right angle, but when he does, Brendon likens it to a delicious form of torture; sore throat, can't breathe, watery eyes... sounds like love.

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James (06/05/16):
I don't care (much) for seeing the cumshot. This sucking-while-cumming part is absolutely priceless - excellent video!

Blue (06/03/16):
Now let's get a scene like this with Jaden! The cum eating shot the exact same way!

Chuck (06/02/16):
I really wish we could have seen that "hard cum." You do AMAZING videos but please don't block the view of the cumshot.

Blue (06/01/16):
Brendon Fucking Marley Now that is how you suck a big dick and eat his cum. This is the scene I have been waiting for. Excellent scene and with the right guy. Bravo my friend. Let's keep the cum eating like this one.

I was shocked when Tommy contacted me back so soon saying he wants to make more money and continue working on his porn portfolio. Of course I wasn't going to pass up this offer! I was still dreaming of getting that big cock of his down my throat! So, Tommy arrived and even though he still seemed a little shy, he pretty much went along with everything I threw at him. I didn't waste a minute moving in on this cute jock! I had Tommy in almost every position imaginable and hopefully I'll get him back for even more!

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Tall with red hair and a streak of the devil in him, this former Navy stud served on an aircraft carrier. Today in Brendon`s studio that devilish streak will be revealed. More than a streak, it`s about 8 inches long and thick as a lead pipe. Clark plans to lay that pipe in Brendon`s ass. And lucky for us the camera captures every painful moment as Brendon squirms, but can`t get away from a man bent on fucking.
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Caike is a real seducer. Brendon came to seduce him but the tables were turned. Caike knows how hot he is and loves to show off. With his sleek rippled body and one HUGE cock. Brendon could barely get it in his mouth. Caike loved the idea of trying to force it down Brendon's throat. Better be careful Brendon or that thing is going to get stuck! Watch him squirt Brendon in the mouth with his hot load!
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