Blast Off: Archie
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If you could time travel ''The Dukes of Hazzard'' into the 21st century and peaked under the hood of the General Lee (that gnarly Dodge Charger) the mechanic would probably be Archie. Good ole boy doesn't begin to describe this tatted and twisted sex pirate. When a guy has a tattoo on his cock, you know he's a rebel. Luckily his attitudes have evolved along with the rest of us, and Archie enjoys a blow job from a guy as much as anyone. And a b.j. from Brendon is first rate. When Brendon's tongue goes into action, the South will 'rise' again!

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Girth (05/16/24):
Anyone notice how Archie's eyes roll back in his head while he fingers his asshole as Brendon sucks his cock! So damn hot!

MtShasta43 (05/16/24):
This guy is so sexy! Bring him back for more!

tex-boy (05/16/24):
Fuck yeah!! Archie has the right amount of cocky, cool, confidence that makes him sooooo hot! Gotta love a man who is so secure in himself that he can allow another guy to blow him while he moans and groans, totally getting into the action. Please bring him back for more wild and crazy stuff. He is obviously way into letting go and having a blast! And so are we! WOW!!!

You might think that straight rough looking rednecks and country boys like Archie would be the most dangerous to try and pick up or seduce into a blow job - the toughest cookies to crack. It's just the opposite and you can take my word for it. I've been picking up straight guys and sucking them off since I was in my teens and that's quite a long while ago. The most important lesson I learned, from almost getting the crap beaten out of me, is never approach unless you are absolutely certain they are alone. That's not to say that after the fact you can't get them to send in some friends for the "fag to suck them off". And, they'll call you a fag right to your face, but hey if you have thin skin, then you shouldn't be trying to seduce a straight boy - watch my videos instead. With the camera in my hand, they tend to stay politically correct, but when I do this and I don't happen to have my camera - like at my favorite redneck bowling alley bar, where they'll push me into a bathroom stall, they'll say degrading things and treat me rough...and I enjoy every minute - LOL. It's all a game and both of us are playing it. I guess my attraction to this particular type of straight dude, the country boy, is their raw masculinity and the fact that they look like the last guys in the world who would let another guy suck them off. But, they are more open to it then any city or suburban dude. They're not so worried about anyone else finding out - their goal is to get their rocks off. As with the girls they'll fuck, it doesn't matter if the gay guy is hot or not, fat or thin - they just like to get their rocks off as much as possible. Not much else other than beer and sex that makes 'em happy it seems. It also appears that for some strange genetic anomaly, they always have big, fat, heavy spongy cocks and are most are 'showers' - my favorite. For me, the rougher, the better, but for beginners. However, if you are going to try, I suggest you start slow and cautious. Check outside your local 'line dancing' bar for the late night stragglers and good luck! My best advice - DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME - watch my videos instead!

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