Blast Off: Bradan
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Bradan may look like he was born next to a healthy stalk of Iowa corn and fed the creamy milk from a Wisconsin dairy farm, but something about the way he arches his eyebrow puts a crimp in that mid-west fantasy. His skin is as soft as a pat of butter and the color of a North Dakota winter morning, and yet the metal nail that pierces the head of his cock punctures your notions of who Bradan might be. Today he's a horny kid who lets Brendon tug on his hard dick and rub lube onto his balls. He watches porn while the older man jerks him off. Today he's the kinky combination of beauty and hormones. Got milk?

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Steven69 (05/09/24):
This guy is so hot! You can tell he has a dirty mind and I'd LOVE to suck on that thick dick!

I was so happy to have Bradan back in the hot seat. It took a while to get him back. He confided that he gets a little embarrassed after he lets me, a dude, old enough to be his grandaddy, jack him off. But, he says it's cool as long as he doesn't have to reciprocate - it all feels the same, girl or guy...and most importantly, he needed the cash. Bradan is as cute as they come. I was thinking I should talk about his strawberry blond hair and peaches and cream complexion - good enough to eat! That smooth pink cock and big heavy balls are just a dream. I wish he'd let me blow him. However, I want to talk about the piercing. I was pretty surprised to see it. He said he had a wild side which he kind of keeps to himself and I guess the piercing is a pretty good example of that. Now, I don't mind piercings. As a matter of fact, on the right guy I love pierced ears and I can live with other simple facial piercings, but once it gets out of hand I'm not an enthusiastic fan. However, given the right face, hair body and cock - anything can look sexy on a hot boy. I think nipple piercings which aren't overdone are really sexy. Now, when it comes to the genitalia, cock and balls, I'm really not a fan of any of the piercings. I guess most guys know what a PA is and it's supposed to enhance the sensation for the bottom who's getting fucked - I wouldn't know - maybe you guys can comment and tell me what the deal is. Bradan has what you call an " Ampallang " which is a horizontal piercing through the head of the penis which may or may not go through the urethra...OUCH! From what I've read you have to get your dick nice and hard before it's pierced for it to come out right. I have to ask him if that's what happened and if it was a dude or a chick who pierced that pretty cock of his. When I googled about why dudes get their dick pierced, the most common answer is that it gives their sexual partner more pleasure. I think it's also a personal statement and maybe fulfills some other need. Then there's the scrotum piercings - but that's another story all together.

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