Blast Off: Brent
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Brendon casts his net so wide and pulls up so many fish that a few are bound to be slightly 'left' of straight. We have our doubts about Brent when the scene begins, his manner is slightly fey, his voice not exactly Vin Diesel. But when the wraps come off, HOLY SHIT!! Brent has what can only be described as the eighth wonder of the world. Make that 9 and a few centimeters. Brendon falls for this dude like it's prom night and he's the designated driver. We take our time here to bring you Brendon's jaw twisting attempts to blow this guy, and two gorgeous cum shots!

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Moncho (04/04/24):
I would love to blow Brent daily! The idea of that cock squirting down my throat makes me crazy!

killart007 (04/04/24):
Fantastic! Love these two together. Can they do another? Brent is naturally hot and sexy but Brendon seems to be the only one that can bring it out of him. Nothing Brent did with the other models even comes close to this one. Loved it!

Like I mentioned previously, I've been looking for a permanent 'assistant' to help me with the videos for a long time now. I first thought about using Geo, but he doesn't like sucking dick or eating cum. He just likes to get fucked by a dude or his girlfriend with a strap on plus he lives pretty far from the studio. So, I've been looking for someone as nasty as myself who is either bi or gay with a hot body, a nice dick, an anything goes attitude and most importantly reliable. I think I might've found my man in Brent. The only missing puzzle piece is to see if he can stick with it. Most of these guys just flake out after a couple of shoots. I have a feeling that Brent was made for this type of 'work', besides, doesn't Brendon & Brent, sound good? Anyway, wait until you see this boy in action. He's got a cute face, very long hair - which I can take or leave, very clean cut and a huge 9plus inch cock and it's real thick and heavy and gets hard as a rock. And as you'll see he shoots a big, thick, delicious load. I've already done three videos with him. They are, Brent's audition with me, the one you'll see here. Then I did a shoot with Brent and that straight boy hottie, Jonas, who's been on the site twice. I still get hard thinking about Brent and Jonas together. There was lots of frot (cock rubbing cock) and at the end when Jonas cums during a blow job, I have to tell Brent to take his mouth off Jonas' cock so that we can see the cum. The boy just keeps swallowing the entire load without me even asking. I also shot a SIZZLING hot scene with Brent and Geo - wait until you guys see that one. I'll be releasing all of Brent's scenes over the next month. I have a new straight guy that will appear next week and then Brent's videos will follow. I really hope you guys like Brent. Please leave comments on what you think and any suggestions you have.

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