Blast Off: Brent & Cox
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Pound for pound, this is the most cock meat we've ever dished up. You've asked for it and now we're delivering. Brent continues to get raves whenever he's in the studio and if you've been paying attention, you'll remember Cox from the Father Blows Best series. He's a lanky drink of water with a fire hose for a dick. So today it's double the action and double the cum, cause even Brent looks astonished when Cox reveals his flag pole cock. ''it's the biggest one I've seen... in real life'' Brent coos. So suck it, you lucky bastard!

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sexxyboyy (05/23/24):
20min 5sec mark into the video makes my shaft throb. love it

blue (05/23/24):
liked this scene with 2 huge dicks but i wanted to see more cum eating. next time we need brendon and Brent with Brendon eating all of Brent's cum while Brent is sitting down with legs wide open. We also need another scene with Cox and Brendon with the exact same thing. I miss the cum swallowing action that Brendon use to give us. We want that back.

CalRegularGuy (05/23/24):
Another awesome returnee - Cox. I love watching this guy in action - beautiful cock and really sexy personality. Hope to see him plowing Geo raw in the near future. Don't let him get away again. Now if yo could only get Brett to return!

When there's a 'love connection', researchers and psychologists say that penis size doesn't matter. But, the only love we have here at is for sexy straight boys, hot nasty sex, and big, beautiful cock and the cum it delivers...hopefully to my mouth. Actually, I really don't discriminate based on cock size. As long as the dude is straight or bi, I don't care what size (within reason at least) their penis is, as long as I can suck it and slurp up their hot load ... although 'the bigger the better' kinda holds up as far as the cum load output is concerned - for me anyway - LOL. So, for those of you on the 'bigger the better' cock train - this video should be your next stop! By now you know how gloriously huge my assistant Brent's beautiful cock is - well, take a look at the monster that our straight/bi boy Cox unleashes. We're not big on the measuring tape gimmick used by imitators of, the original straight guy seduction site (yes, I started making my straight guy videos in 1990, began selling them in 93 and streamed them online in 96), so I can't give you the exact lengths of their cocks. But, just by observation I would have to say that Brent and Cox comprise the largest amount of combined dick size I've seen on two guys in the same video. Although, I've shot over 1000 guys in hundreds of scenes, so I could be mistaken. Maybe I need to suck, jack and get fucked by another 1000 straight boy cocks to make sure :-). Even Brent says that Cox has the biggest cock he's seen in real life (I bet lots of guys and girls have said that about Brent himself). Now, Brent assures me that it's also the biggest weiner he's jacked or sucked - ever. And I have to comment on that huge load Cox shot...even after telling us he had just shot a load of spooge the night before. Brent, poor thang, could barely keep it all in his well used mouth. But, even hotter is that Brent again spits out a huge amount of Cox's hot cum, slops it all over his big boy and jacks that thick fucker until he shoots his own huge load. When a dude does that or like Brent sometimes does and scrapes the load off the other dude's belly and uses it for lube to jack himself off with, it's an incredibly hot turn on for me! How about you guys?

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