Blast Off: Brent & Troy
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There's no polite way to say it; Brent's cock is bigger than he is. His personality hints at being unserious. He answers Brendon's questions with flip responses and finds life to be a bit of a joke. And then there's that cock! It comes out of it's corner like a prize fighter; eager... pumped... and looking for trouble. It belongs on a Gladiator whose arms would be worthy of such beauty. Whereas Troy's blond good looks and sexy demeanor attract people to him, Brent has the 9 and a half inch advantage. Even Troy kneels down at the altar of Brent's massive dick and pays homage... licking, sucking and trying to grasp it's inner meaning before deciding to fuck the kid and ponder life's deeper questions on another day.

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Hung-n-Horny (04/25/24):
Wow! That's a lot of meat! 2 well hung men! Perfect!!!

Stevie33 (04/25/24):

blue (04/25/24):
i want brendon to eat brett's cum and eat all of it. waiting to see them do a scene again and brendon eat all his cum.

I'm so fucking hot for my new assistant Brent and his huge cock and nasty ways these days, that I'm trying to bring in a variety of guys he can fuck around with. And hot blond surfer boy Troy, who has done several videos for me, is next on the list. Troy took to sucking cock pretty good, he's sexy and hot and loves sex. When I called him and emailed him a photo of Brent, he couldn't believe how huge his cock was, but he was pretty enthusiastic about doing a scene with a younger guy for a change. I would say for Troy, it's half about the money and half about the sex. After all, a guy like Troy doesn't have any trouble getting all the pussy or dick he wants. You know Troy has a damn big cock by all counts, but when you see it against Brent's monster, it almost looks average and bit thin. But, you'll see just what a sizable mouthful it is when Brent goes down on it. Anyway, a while back when Troy started doing dudes, he told me that he generally likes them smaller than him, smooth, not too muscular - feminine qualities, but at the same time he likes them to have a masculine demeanor. So, I made sure that Brent kept his hair down and wore a pair of very small, very low cut underwear - almost panties, which along with his smooth upper body was very much to Troy's liking. Watch Troy caress Brent's shoulders, back and hair like he does the slutty bitches he picks up at the beach and skate parks almost daily. Troy is so turned on by Brent that he shoots two loads in this video! I think he would've gone for a third if he didn't have to leave. I finished Brent off by finger fucking him as we both jacked our cocks and came (of course I lapped up all the cum I could catch in my mouth). Brent is proving to be a great assistant and I can't wait to do lots more with him. I sure hope he doesn't disappear on me. Watch for his tryst with Geo, coming very soon!

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