Blast Off: Buzz
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Quick with a smile and excited to be in a porn studio, Buzz lights up the room with his energy and sex appeal. Removing his shirt he reveals a gym toned torso and body ink that really looks like art. He needs to be pushed a bit today to see where his boundaries are and Brendon was born for that job. Stroking and pulling, coaxing and charming, Brendon pumps a huge load out of this straight arrow. When Brendon asks him what the girls think of his cock, Buzz replies, ''the only complaint is OUCH!'' We have no complaints.

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tex-boy (05/30/24):
There's something so hot about a big, sexy, macho-guy giving in to another man jacking him off. Buzz is clearly confident and comfortable in himself, and that really comes across on camera. He has an amazing body, and those great tattoos make him even sexier. I'd love to see him again - doing a lot more, I hope!

Daba69 (05/30/24):
Sexy, hung, and rock hard! WOOF!

Finding a hot straight muscle stud like Buzz was just a stroke of luck. I wasn't even really looking. Here I am sitting at a well known coffee shop by myself, having a cup of coffee and catching up with some email, because I'm really bad with email. I was in deep thought and I hear a guy's voice asking "are you Brendon?". I look up and it's someone wearing the shop's t-shirt. He informs me that I had left my wallet on the counter and he opened it and saw my business cards "Brendon Marley, Producer, Video, Photography, for Adult Entertainment. I thanked him for returning the wallet and started to peel off a couple of bills as a reward. He stops me and asks if it means that I do porn video. To make a long story short, he just moved here from Chicago and doesn't have a 'real' job yet - he's just taking crappy part time stuff and wants to get a break and become a porn star. I told him I'm a small studio and my stuff is a little on the kinky side. He said he didnt' care, he just wanted to try it and getting a little pussy would be a bonus. Who am I to deny this hot, sexy, straight muscle boy a chance at stardom. He asked me what I meant by kinky and I told him I did 3 ways, sometimes with two guys and one girl. OK, he's good with that. And, sometimes it's a couple and the husband likes to watch another dude fuck his wife, while the wife makes the husband jerk or suck the other dude. He said "As long as there's pussy, I guess it would be OK, as long as I don't have to do anything to him." That brings us close to the end of the video when you'll hear me ask Buzz, "do you want to do the cuckhold thing?" He answers in the affimative and I tell him that in order to do that type of video I have to test him to make sure he doesn't jump or decide he doesn't want to do it when another dude grabs for his cock. It sounded reasonable to him, so I just take his big beauty of a cock and get myself as close to that hunk as I can so I can feel his body heat and smell his straight boy sex aroma as I whisper dirty things to him and jack him off to a huge load. Will he do the scene with my Bride Bait couple - who knows? But, I had a fucking hot time - I also licked his cum off my hand... and as soon as he left I jacked off using the cummy paper towel as lube and his taste in my mouth- yowza! I hope you guys enjoy it too!

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