Blast Off: Geo & Brent
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When Geo's insatiable butt hole meets Brent's sewer pipe of a dick we know there's going to be some serious plumbing going on. Brendon could just as easily forgo the niceties in the beginning because these two sex maniacs just want to fuck and fuck some more. Geo has filled out in his construction work and his bubble butt looks tastier than ever. Brent just follows his own dick like a puppy and lets it go where it needs to go. And today it needs to fill a dark warm hole. These two try every position until Geo sprays his seed like a lawn sprinkler. His ass is satisfied for at least another day.

This isn't the first time Geo was fucked by Brent. I bet some of you are surprised to hear this. Well, it's not exactly as you might be thinking. Back about a year ago, I paired Geo with a different Brent, let's call him Brent #1. Slender like the current Brent #2, but with a smaller dick (well just about anybody's dick is smaller than Brent #2's) yet a dirty boy, just like our current Brent #2. In Brent #1's scene, Geo gets a good bare pounding as Brent #1 fucks the cum right of Geo. I tell Brent #1 to scoop up Geo's huge load and lube his own cock and to continue to fuck Geo with his own cum. Brent #1 is totally turned on by this. Later off camera he tells me that he was so turned on that I gave him "permission" to do that nasty stuff, because he was afraid to take the initiative himself. Anyway, it got him so hot that he shoots a huge load of cum on Geo's hole and shoves it back in. Geo loves that stuff, the nastier the better. In the current scene, Brent #2 also bare fucks the cum out of Geo and without me saying a word, he scoops up the huge load from Geo's flat, hard belly and uses it for lube to stroke his monster cock and then shoots his load all over Geo. I'm telling you guys that I was so turned on by him lubing his cock with Geo's hot spunk, that I was actually swooning. I'm sorry I didn't have the camera on a tripod or I would've scooped up a serving of their spooge mix and jacked myself off. I was just feeling out of control. I've probably written a few times about how much I love cum. I love slurping it right from the source - especially if they guy is straight. You know that to a straight dude, it's a total turn on - not so much a dude swallowing - but the fact that anyone swallows his load as it's so difficult to get most chicks to do it. And, they love when you keep sucking their cock clean of cum as it softens while they come back from their orgasmic high. I myself love to watch straight guys fucking a pussy with another dude's spooge already deposited or eating his buddy's spooge from a previous fuck from her pussy. Also, I totally get off on a hot straight guy snowballing his cum with his girl. If you haven't at least jacked off with cum as lube, try it next time you suck off a hot dude - you'll love it!

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