Blast Off: J.T.
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As if being 23 years old wasn't enough of a turn on, J.T. shows up for his first porn shoot dressed in a suit and tie. Eager isn't the word for it. Panting like a puppy is more like it. And Brendon is sold, hook, line and sinker. Watch J.T. go from green horn to re-born porn star. You won't believe what he's hiding under that suit. A body from central casting and an un-cut dick that goes down Brendon's throat like the last piece of a puzzle, this kid brings his A game.

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Chris (03/14/24):
JT is my dream man! He's perfect and his uncut cock is mouthwatering! I love how open he was with Brendon and just kept looking at him as if asking what are you going to do next. Marry me JT!

tex-boy (03/14/24):
OMG...T.J. is so fuckin' hot!!! Beautiful smile, killer body, huge cock, awesome personality...this stud is flawless! I'm thinking he and Pierce would make a perfect duo - can only imagine how incredible their scene would be. This is clearly one of the hottest men we've ever seen on the site. More T.J. please!!! Whew - I need a cigarette - lol!!!

J.T. may have shown up in a conservative business suit looking like the average guy for his first porn shoot, but he turned out to be just the opposite in more ways than one. I had met him at a straight swinger's club where I like to watch hot straight men fuck women and try to pick them up. Some at the club even let me suck them off while they watch their wives get fucked by a stranger. In his case, he wasn't a customer, he worked there at the door and after striking up a conversation and offering him more than he makes in two weeks for an hour's work, he was willing to do his first porn video with me. Little did he know what he was in for and little did I know just how much this kid would be up for! I should've guessed, after all look at the type of establishment where he worked a couple of nights a week for extra money. I also hadn't seen him nude at the club, just in a tank top. I was pretty surprised when I got the business suit off him and that his body was so hot and his cock so nice. He said he plays soccer with buddies, so he keeps in shape. Just check out those quads - his legs are just super hot. Listen to how he talks about shooting in girls' mouths and watching them play with his cum and then watching them swallow it. And,he loves to have his hole licked. It seemed that he was up to most any new sexual experience. So, I didn't hesitate to get that hotties' cock into mouth and suck out a big load. Check out that six-pack while he's screaming that he's coming - it's just so hot. His cum tasted great too! When I ask him if I'm the first guy that ever sucked him off, he answers in the affirmative. That's a real turn on for me - being the first. I can't want to have him back and hook him up with one of my guys.

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