Blast Off: J.T. Returns
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The last time he was here, J.T. opened the door to a world that had previously been only in his imagination. Today he kicks that door down and writes another chapter of his memoirs. If he's keeping a journal, this scene will singe the page. Brendon uses his tongue like a car wash, licking the cracks, scrubbing the shaft and polishing the balls till J.T.'s power spray makes the whole thing messy again. Looks like we'll be doing this all over again soon!

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rhaenarys (03/28/24):
JT is one of the hottest guys on this site!!!!!

SPIDER84 (03/28/24):

rodney g (03/28/24):
another good cum swallowing video. keep these type of videos coming. i like when he continues to suck while they are cumming. Bring us more. i want to see you bring back David from the "Pop-up-Parts" videos and i want to see Brendon swallow all of his cum. We did not see that in his previous videos of David, and he shot a lot of cum that went to waste. He also had a huge dick and was sexy. Brind him back and have him sitting down in the chair with his legs spread wide open and you sucking him until he cums and you swallow every last drop while he is squirming for you to stop. That would be epic. Think about it.

JamesH (03/28/24):
Oooohhh FaceFuckMe...I'M ADDICTED TO YOU!!! Dirty Talking Beast...SO DAMN SEXY!

So, J.T. returned soon after his first performance to do it again. He loves the money and doesn't at all mind a dude sucking his cock for cash. I just drool over his body and his cock and what turns me on even more is that he's getting into some dirty talk. How many of you like dirty talk - I mean some real nasty stuff, when you have sex? If you watch enough of my videos you hear me get nasty when I know it turns the guy on - like with Geo. That boy just loves when I get nasty and talk about finger fucking him or having big muscle guys with huge cocks gang bang him. And, you'll see some of the guys in my videos just do it to me naturally. I guess they're pissed off that they have to let me suck them because they need money or it's just their nature to talk dirty, but either way - I fucking love it! It totally turns me on when J.T. starts to say to me "I wanna cum", "you do that good", "you like suckng that big cock", "where do you want me to cum" and my favorite which pushed me over the edge, "Are you sure you can handle this load!". I handled it alright, I swallowed every last drop and licked up all that delicous spooge that landed on his rock hard belly. "Now I want you to watch this weeks video J.T. Returns and stroke your big, hard cocks, lube them with your spit and roll on your back, lick your finger and push it up your hot butthole, then aim your cock at your mouth and when J.T. cums in the video, I want you to shoot your hot load of spooge right into your mouth, play with the cum - let me see it and then swallow it all!" How's that for some dirty talk!!!

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