Blast Off: Jonas & Brent
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From the series 'Breeder Fever', Jonas was a stand-out. Straight as an arrow and with a cock that looks like a missile silo. Brendon called him recently to ask if he'd be down for some shenanigans. Oh yeah... but Jonas doesn't know what to make of this scene. Young Brent has returned like he owns the joint and Jonas' joint is what he takes possession of; licking it, tasting it and finally devouring it like it's the staff of life. The look on Jonas' face says it all until his cock has the final word, erupting into Brent's mouth like Vesuvius!

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Sommersday (04/25/24):
The girl shrieking in the background is why I don’t watch straight porn. These two are hot.

taurman (04/18/24):
that was so hot! those two are very sensuous. I wished they would have finished with Brent laying over jonas with his big prick between Brents legs and Brent shooting all over himself...

tex-boy (04/18/24):
Wow - it's like a "MONSTER-COCK CONVENTION!!" I think Jonas had more fun than he anticipated...and watching him cum in Brent's mouth was incredible!! Please bring them back for maybe Jonas plowing Brent's beautiful ass?! Good stuff!!

As you'll see in this week's video, I think we have a winner with Brent. I brought Jonas back for Brent's final screen test. Jonas is as straight as they come and he also has a HUGE cock. I told Brent to do what he likes to do and not wait for me to tell him what's OK and what's not. He surprised the hell out of me. He sucked Jonas' big thick cock and loved every minute of it. Then he swallowed what was one big load from Jonas. He also loves frot (cock to cock) and to use a dude's cum as lube. You'll see more of that in his video with Geo and others. And, he can take multiple fingers up his butt and loves it. Watch him jack off a load with a few of my fingers fucking him as I jack my cock and cum right after him. I wish I knew Brent when I was in my 20's - he's just like I love'em - non-stop horny and nasty and shoots a big load - not to mention cute, built nicely and hung. I hope you guys enjoy my new assistant, Brent!

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