Blast Off: Kent
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If he thinks the black cap is going to keep him anonymous, Kent is thinking with his cock. But with a dick this big, that's a lot of brain power. Returning to Brendon's studio after an initial jack-off session a few months ago, Brendon has given Kent the news that that cock is going to be fair game. ''Has anyone ever gone all the way down on this?'' Brendon asks. ''No'' says Kent. Just the answer Brendon wanted to hear. This burly blonde stud will never be able to make that claim again!

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Dick (03/21/24):
This man is a dream come true! So fucking hot! He loves getting head from a dude and that ass is out of this WORLD!

MtShasta43 (03/21/24):
Love seeing these beefy straight guys!

rodney g (03/21/24):
glad to see that Brendon has gone back to swallowing all the cum. I missed seeing those videos. For a minute there were a lot of cum shots but no swallowing. that is what made this site better than all the rest. now i want to see him make these sexy men squirm like he use to. Bring on more of the cum swallowing and not letting any of the load go to waste.

Kent is back! And, I was pretty worked up with anticipation and horniness as I waited for him to arrive. Straight as an arrow and hotter than ever, a real 'man's man' and now married. He's even hunkier and tougher than his prior visit last year when I only got to watch him jack off as I just had to stand by very frustrated. But, this time it's going to be different. Kent called me out of the blue. I never thought I'd hear from him again. But, when the chips are down and he has a wife and girlfriend to support, it dawned on this ultra straight dude that getting off in my chair was fast 'easy' cash. You can see that he's a bit quiet, not really happy that he had to come back - he even tries to disguise himself with a hat. I gave him fair warning that if he wanted to come back and make even more money, he would have to go further and let me have at him. When he finally pulled out his rock hard, monster cock after he watch some straight porn, I knew it would be worth every dime. I ask him how many times a day can he get himself off - he tells me multiple I basically told him we'd see and he told me ''we'll have to re-negotiate". I guess the more cum, the more cash. I know I'm all over the place here, but it was so fucking hot doing this man that I don't want to leave anything out. Take a look at his big, beefy butt and massive manly thighs when I have him get up on his knees and fuck my mouth. I then get him to turn sideways and face front to give you guys a good look at this stud's butt from multiple angles. Kent admits that I'm the first to deep throat his big cock. By the way, his cum was delicious and I was so turned on that I nursed every last drop from that huge cock of his and then licked the ropes of sperm up from his belly. Notice how he keeps his hands away from me - like I was radioactive - LOL. Also, after he cums and I keep sucking him, he balls his fist up. I wasn't sure if he was just overstimulated from me sucking his post cum sensitive cock or he was pissed after he came - buyer's remorse - and was going to pound me with those fists. Either way, he seemed to be OK after he stuffed his big boy back into his jeans and headed home with a big wad of cash. I jacked off after he left and took a half hour nap in the studio. I was totally drained and you will be too after watching 'Kent Returns'!

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