Blast Off: Marcus
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Marcus is like the boxer from your wet dreams. He enters the ring, slips off his robe and he wins by default. You don't want to hit him, you want to kiss him; his rippling six-pack, massive thighs and handsome face. This sexy stud goes a few rounds in Brendon's studio, watching porn, fending off Brendon's advances and wrestling his own cock in a 'stroke off' that ends with a sperm gusher. His stiff dick never falters as Marcus keeps a ham hand sliding up and down it's shaft, coaxing out a thick warm load from the depths of his man sack.

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DanTheMan (03/07/24):
This guy's ass is so fucking hot! I would spread those cheeks and lick his asshole day and night! I have a beercan cock that would split his ass wide open!

aisjan77 (03/07/24):
Love this guy. So hot and sexy.

Ken (03/07/24):
Hot sexy, masculine man!!!

Marcus is something else! Straight as an arrow - he must've told me ten times that he would be much comfortable to at least have a girl in the room - built like a god and very handsome. Not as blessed in the cock department, but what do they say - "anything more than a throat full is wasted". His chest and arms are beautifully massive, but those legs and butt just make you want to feel them up as he wraps them around you while you're sucking his cock. I showed him the Bride Bait 3some videos and you'll see that when it gets to the part where the husband is fooling around with the guy who is fucking his wife, Marcus says that as long as there's a girl, he's willing to do "a lot of different things". I'm not sure how to interpret that, but I really want to find out. I grabbed Marcus' cock a few times under the pretense of putting lube on and you can see how very uncomfortable he was. I was debating whether to tell him I have to jack him off to see if he could work with another dude like in the video he was watching. I could tell there was too much tension building up and didn't want to blow the entire shoot by him walking out on me. And there's always next time. At least I hope I didn't scare him off for good. Anyway, in next week's Outtakes you'll hear what he thought of the shoot and how he brings up having a girl in the room again. By the way, I wish there was smell-o-vision, so that you guys could experience how hot it was - his sweat and cum just filled the room and it was so clean and healthy and wonderful... just sexy as hell! I jacked off with his cum toweling right after he left. Damn, I'm such a horny old perv!

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