Blast Off: Pierce Returns
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When you can't get enough of a good thing, you're a lucky son of a bitch. Brendon is just that lucky when Pierce has been turned on like a thousand watt bulb and the off switch is his mouth watering cum shot. Brendon sucks on that boner, sending Pierce into spasms of spine tingling joy. When Pierce says he even finds some guys attractive, Brendon offers him his own dick to suck and, you guessed it, Pierce sucks a load out of the boss. Guys like Pierce are hard to find but not so hard to please.

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Girth (02/07/19):
Hottest guy on this site by far..Would love to see a lot more of him please.

NOW IN HD, Hard Dick, yes there's plenty of that around here, but right now I'm talking High Definition. I'm very happy to say that this week's episode is our first to be premiering in wide screen High Definition. You have to be a member to view the HD video. Going forward, all of the weekly episodes will be presented in HD. And, you will start to see prior episodes, going back about a year, being switched to HD. The episodes prior to that were shot in standard definition and will remain in that format. We are working on a new pop-up video player, but until that is available we suggest that you select the full screen option to view the HD versions so that you are able to see the entire video frame or image. The other thing to keep in mind is that the HD video requires a high bandwidth connection. For those of you who are more technical, the HD video streams around 4000kbps, while our "High" speed is around 3000kbps, "Medium" around 1500 kbps and "Low" around 600kbps. Unless you have a premium Internet cable connection you might want to stay with our "High" speed. Enjoy! Now go watch one of my favorite guys, Pierce, and myself having some hot cum filled fun!

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