Blast Off: Robbie
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Angels usually reside in heaven, but this one is still on earth. Robbie's halo of blonde hair swoops down over his forehead and frames his gorgeous face. Rubens couldn't have painted a lustier morsel and Brendon would love to get his hands on Robbie and lead him down a different path... south of heaven. Robbie strokes his rock hard dick and even lets the older guy have a shot at it. Brendon pumps Robbie's cock till it explodes in heavenly bliss.

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TN-King (02/15/24):
Killer cock and azz

Chris (02/15/24):
This man is a beauty!!! Holy shit! I'd ride that big beautiful cock and worship his body all day!!!!

Is Robbie not hot as shit! When he took off his shirt I was swooning, but when he took off those pants and I saw how hot his legs were - they were perfect - so fucking sexy, that my knees actually got weak And, I certainly wasn't disappointed with the matching rock hard bubble butt. I could not wait to get my hands on him. I had to be patient until I knew he was totally in the zone and just needing to get off. You'll hear him tell me how sexual and 'dirty' he is and how he likes to be looked at, but he's also straight and I could tell that he never did anything with a dude before - so I had to be careful in my approach Actually, after the video, and you can see this in the outtakes, he tells me that the studio was a huge turn on and that's why he shot a geyser of a load. It also helps that he's a 22 year old athletic stud. Anyway, back to my approach - now I have to tell you I screwed up - somehow I didn't have the camera on when I was telling him about the the type of videos I shoot. I told him about shooting guys fucking another dude's wife while the husband was in the room watching I showed him some of the video (not the part where the husband gets involved with the other dude). He really got off on the idea of fucking someones wife while being watched by the husband. You'll hear me tell him that I need to test him to see if he would be good doing that type of video. I told him I was going to slip my hand in and play with his cock to see if he could stay hard with another dude so 'close' by. He was so horned up by this time that he didn't realize what I said didn't make much sense. I was in 7th heaven as I jacked that big cock as he leaned his head back, tighten those beautiful leg muscles and shot a big load which dripped down my hand. Of course, I then when behind a screen partition to get some toweling for him to clean up with and licked up every last drop of his sweet, delicious and still warm cum from m hand. I can't wait to get him back to do more!

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